Take a Look at Miles Morales Joining Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN Universe in Fan-Made MILES


Miles is a Spider-Man fan film that imagines a possible outcome for bringing Miles Morales into Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie universe. In the short film, we see how Miles ends up taking up the mantle of Spider-Man and then we get to see him face off against Rocket Racer and Shocker. There’s action, there’s webslinging, there are even wisecracks. It fits pretty well with the world Raimi had created. Of course, there’s even a little tribute to Stan Lee as a wall mural.

Miles was directed and edited by Tarrell Christie and stars Lakin Mims as Miles Morales, Dylan Jaeger as Herman Schultz/The Shocker, and Finch Moore as Robbie Farrell/Rocket Racer.