Stephen King Has an Idea For a Jason Voorhees Horror Novel That I Would Love To Read!



Master of horror, Stephen King, recently shared on Twitter that he has had an idea for a horror novel based on the iconic slasher-killer Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th film franchise. The thought of King writing a Jason Voorhees story is freakin’ exciting!

He says he’d title the novel I Jason, and it would have followed the character and his murderous exploits from the first-person perspective of the killer. The hook for the story revolves around what it would be like to be the killer who is constantly resurrected over and over again to kill people. King explains:

The book will probably never happen due to all the legal hoops he would have to jump through to make it happen. He went on to say:

Someone should most definitely tell Jason’s side of the story! But, who could that be? King nominates Blumhouse pictures for the job:

Would you like to see King’s idea for a Jason Voorhees story get told in some way? I bet King could get permission to do it if his reps went out and started asking around on what it would take and then his book could be adapted into a movie by Blumhouse!

Patton Oswalt also wants in on the action and also jokes about books for other classic horror characters: