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Hong Kong Disneyland will reopen its doors to the public on Thursday, June 18. Theme parks around the globe have been closed for several months as a result of the coronavirus. In the United States, both Disney World and Disneyland have been shuttered since March, in the longest closure in either park’s history. Though the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, many companies have begun the process of reopening or at least made announcements about when they plan to do so. Disney World is currently set to reopen completely on July 11. However, parts of Disney Springs have been open since late May, with Star Wars stormtroopers even enforcing social distancing.

Meanwhile, Disneyland Resort is shooting for a July 17 reopening, pending government approval. However, considering the recent spike in coronavirus cases in California, some feel that’s too soon. A section of Disney fans even started a Change.org petition to delay Disneyland’s reopening, though it likely won’t change Disney’s mind. The company has faced huge losses due to the pandemic, with its cruise lines also shuttered for several months. It makes sense Disney is eager to get things moving again, but many the feel the Disneyland opening needs a little more time.

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One Disney park is already up and running again, as Shanghai Disneyland opened last month. Now, Disney announces another overseas resort will open its doors, with Hong Kong Disneyland set to reopen June 18. In a statement, Managing Director Stephanie Young said the Hong Kong community played a key role. She also reassured potential Disney visitors there will be “limited attendance” initially, which should help with social distancing. Rules for social distancing will also be in effect “in queues, restaurants, attraction vehicles and at other facilities throughout the park,” echoing policies put in place at Shanghai Disneyland.

The news about Hong Kong Disneyland is a good sign for Disney. As more parks reopen, it will become easier for the company to bounce back from the coronavirus. Another park reopening could also help with the openings of Disney World and Disneyland next month. Disney will be able to learn from any mistakes made now and implement necessary changes before July. The limited attendance component should also make some fans more comfortable visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, though others may feel it’s too soon to go, regardless of the safety protocols in place.

Revenue generated from the Hong Kong opening could also give Disney a little wiggle room for Disneyland’s opening especially. As a major hot spot for the virus but also the hub of the entertainment world, California reopenings have been more heavily analyzed. As July approaches, Disney fans will gain a clearer understanding of Disneyland’s reopening date. In the meantime, they should be happy to hear Hong Kong Disneyland will be back in business later this week.

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