Cool STAR WARS "Far Far Away" Fan Art Series Coming From Friendly Robot


I’ve got a couple of pieces of Star Wars fan art to share with you today, which is the start of a new limited-series coming from Friendly Robot called “Far Far Away.”

Far Far Away, is “a limited run of paintings by Friendly Robot and Ash Thorp with narration by Pilotpriest. Our goal is to dive into moments, ideas, scenes, characters that we adore from the lore of Star Wars. Each painting tells a different story and each piece carries different meaning.”

The Empty Valley:





18 years. We fought aboard her for 18 years.We brought balance and harmony to countless systems, saved planets from annihilation, and rescued millions of refugees from the outer rim. The death of our beloved ship, and so many of our dearest friends. An end. The end. The beginning.

The Last Run:





‘Far far away’ done by @ashthorp, me and told by @pilotpriest. This one was a great experiment about something really cinematographic and also a great opportunity to see how combining our art can step up our respective skills.

It’ll be cool to see what else ends up coming out of this art series!