These $3,400 cocoon-like tents that can hang from trees combine luxury travel and eco-tourism — take a look


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  • Seedpods are treehouse-like popup resorts designed by Nomadic Resorts.
  • The pods are based on the shape of seeds and are low-impact and sustainable.
  • The first prototypes were installed in a nature reserve in Mauritius in 2019.
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The future of travel, and glamping, might be in luxury tents shaped like seeds. At least, that what design studio Nomadic Resorts is proposing, in what they’re calling a “hospitality revolution.”

No one knows what travel will look like as the world moves past the COVID-19 pandemic, but this might be a clue. The Seedpod is somewhere between a treehouse and a tent, and functions as a pop-up resort. Seedpods could potentially solve some travel issues exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

With lockdowns and people stuck at home, Nomadic Resorts is betting that people will crave outdoor experiences. The pandemic has also led to an economic downturn, but Seedpods are cheaper than a hotel would be, while still having amenities that regular tents wouldn’t. They’re available to buy from Nomadic Resorts for $3,400.

Here’s what they’re like.

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Seedpods can either be hung from trees, or stand on a tripod.

The design is based on the natural shape of seeds, made of a number of structural rings and able to resist wind speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

Inside, they have a ceiling fan, charging station, and light.

They can also convert from a sitting area to a sleeping area at night.

With a diameter of about seven feet, and about seven feet of internal headspace, there’s isn’t much room to move around, but they’re perfect for sleeping in nature.

By moving the table and pillows, the small space is used efficiently for eating, lounging, or sleeping.

Though named for its seed-shaped inspiration, from the outside it looks almost like a cocoon.

“Our idea was to create a structural system that could be installed using manpower only on virtually any terrain, anywhere on the planet within a day that could last at least for a decade,” Nomadic Resort COO Neil Henrikz said.

The structures can be put up in just about any location with only a few people, no tools required, making them great for hiking and setup in remote locations.

Because they’re so small, Seedpods can be disinfected quickly and could be used on a socially distanced camping trip.

The company says a popup bathroom can be added, too, with a shower, toilet, and washbasin.

Solar panels can also be added to be more sustainable.

In 2019, the first Seedpods were installed at Bel Ombre Nature Reserve in Mauritius. Soon, Nomadic Resorts says that they will be for sale.