Khloé Kardashian's Good American Brand Might Not Be Diverse Enough?


Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Khloé Kardashian’s brand, Good American, shared their diversity survey results with the world on Wednesday in an effort to be transparent with their customers on their diversity and inclusion efforts. Good American was founded back in 2016 by Kardashian and current CEO Emma Grede.

Since 2016, Good American has had a unique spotlight placed on it due to a Kardashian being a co-founder of the brand. This, and that their mission was and is to incorporate sizes that fit all body types, made Good American’s audience a big one from the start. The retailer offers a variety of clothing to choose from now, though it originally focused mostly on denim goods.

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Right now, many brands are being looked at closely by their customers and fans in an effort to uncover whether they are or aren’t diverse and inclusive among their employees. Good American went the transparent route, by posting their diversity survey results on their Instagram page as part of Pull Up For Change’s challenge to “pull up or shut up.” According to their results, only 15% of employees are Black, while 52% are White and 32% are POC. Fans aren’t pleased.

While some comments on the Instagram post are from fans praising the brand, others aren’t as happy. With Grede being the co-founder and a Black woman, some expected a higher percentage of Black employees within the Good American company and were let down by the results. Others noticed that Black and White races were the only ones specified, and would have preferred a wider range of ethnicities being shown in the results rather than being labeled as POC only.

Although some fans are displeased with the results of the survey, many are praising Good American’s transparency by showing their survey results and efforts to incorporate people of all color, both behind the scenes and the models being shown on their website and social media pages wearing their clothes. As of late, their Instagram page has been dedicated to raising awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement, one that has been shedding light on many brands, not just Good American’s, ability to include Black men and women in their workforce. It is unclear what Kardashian’s role in the company will be as far as pushing for more diversity and inclusion goes, but being the co-founder she may have a much bigger role than fans presume.

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Source: Good American