7 Tips on Sending Flowers Internationally

Flowers is the best way to surprise a loved one that is living overseas. They are always appreciated and never fail to put a smile on the recipients no matter the special occasion. The most convenient way to send flowers overseas is via an international florist company. The following are 7 tips on sending flowers internationally.

1. Don’t Send Flowers in the Last Minutes

It takes longer time for the flowers to be delivered internationally so you should never wait until the last minute to send the flowers. You can call the florist and inquire if they can meet the delivery date if you are worried about whether the flowers can arrive on time. It is always best to send the gift a few days ahead to make sure it arrives on time. Get more details at https://myglobalflowers.com. 

2. Always Make Sure You Have the Right Address

One important thing when you send flowers overseas is to make sure you have the right address. You can call the recipient and ask about the availability time to receive the flowers and the address where he is likely to be when the flowers arrive. You can ask the recipient to read out the address while double checking the address you jot down on the paper to make sure there is no spelling mistake in the street, city, and province.

3. Choose a Reputable Flower Service

The flower service you choose should be reputable and have lots of positive reviews. A reputable florist will handle the flowers with care and make sure that they arrive fresh without any withering petal or leaves. You can check the reputation of the flowers by asking friends who have used the florist company to send flowers to their loved ones before.

4. Choose the Right Add-ons

Some add-ons cannot endure through a long shipping journey. For example, balloons can become deflated or get poked by a sharp object by the time it arrives. It is also easy for a vase to get chipped, or cracked during shipment. Chocolates can also melt due to hot weather or accidentally get squashed by a heavy object. So, if you want to choose an add-on, choose the one that is the most durable through a long journey for example plush toy, and greeting card.

5. Keep in Mind the Different Time Zones

The time is different around the world. For this reason, you should check the recipient’s time zone prior to sending the flowers. In this way, you can estimate the time when the gift arrives at your recipient’s door step. They usually let you choose the delivery date and time based on the recipient’s time zone if you order the flowers from an international flower delivery company.

6. Learn about the International Holidays

Every country has different holiday celebrations so you might be interested in learning about the dates of these celebrations. This will be convenient for you when you are sending flowers to your loved ones. For example, Mother’s Day is the 13th May in many places including the USA, Canada and Australia. However, in France, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 27th May. 

7. Check for Extra Charges

In addition, you should find out whether there are any extra charges. For example, they may charge extra for shipping to addresses that are difficult to find. Sometimes, these charges are made to your card after the delivery is made. So, you may not know about these charges when you place the order for the flowers. To avoid this problem, you should check with the customer service on the extra charges before placing the order.