My Top Picks: 33 Best Websites to Make Money Online & Work from Home


If you have read my about page before, you would probably know how I quit my job at the young age of 21. I have previously done such a bold decision because I wanted to pursue other means of earning money that would allow me to work from home — or to work wherever and whenever I want — while doing ‘work’ that I actually love and enjoy.

At first, it sounded too good to be true and I was scared — I was very scared. But as things progressed… I slowly gained more financial independence than I ever thought I could! (I think I was even earning more than my friends given the online work that I was doing).

Surely, I became happier, I had a lot more free time, and above all: I loved what I was doing! So at that point, I came to realize that it can be fairly easy to lead a life like that — provided, of course, that you take an ‘informed’ leap of faith that’s followed up with constant hard work.

With this, I want to share and give you guys an idea of what you can do with your internet connection in order to work from home. In this post, I am compiling a list of helpful websites that will help you make money online: may it be because you want to quit your job like I did and start setting up your own business + be your own boss — or may it be because you simply want to make more money on the side.

Note: I have tried almost all of these websites before and I definitely trust them! And don’t worry, I am NOT going to give you PTC (paid-to-click) websites. That takes up too much time yet pays so little! The websites that I will rather be listing below will often require some skills, but I’m pretty sure at least a handful of them will be a good fit for you!

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Odd / Simple Jobs, Sidelines, Microjobs, Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, SEO, Graphic/Web Design, Article Writing, etc. etc!

Work from Home

#1 – Fiverr

Where you can sell absolutely ANYTHING — product and/or service. (I swear, some people there provide the weirdest work from home services ever and they were paid almost Php 30,000+ WTF. Yes, I’m talking about you, weird man who sings a happy birthday song while spreading chocolate syrup on his belly…)

Okay, I’m not saying that you should do that, but that should give you an idea on how anyone there can just do anything and still get paid for it — just browse around and you can get an idea of what service you can offer. Now every service starts from $5 (Php 200+) and can be priced more for an added $20 (Php 900+) for fast delivery, and then another $20 if you want to provide a special something-something to it, and so on.

» Available Payment Methods: PayPal (and PayPal lets you withdraw to your debit/credit card or bank account)

#2 to 4 – Guru, oDesk (Now UpWork), Freelancer (International Sites)

These websites often require skills like programming, web development, graphic design, SEO, etc. so naturally, you’ll have an instant ‘edge’ on them if you’re knowledgeable about these things and have the credentials or work history to prove it. BUT! Don’t worry if you don’t know those stuff, because you can still join and try to be a translator, virtual assistant, researcher, data entry person or more (you can try providing your service a little cheaper than the rest to attract employers, and once you get more recognition, you can slowly put your rates higher).

Now how does it all work? Basically, employers will post the jobs or projects and they can either invite you to apply or you can submit your own application to them. It’s a bit hard at first to become ‘established’, but after a while, you should be able to do fine and make a reputation for yourself. My favorite from these websites is oDesk/UpWork especially because it’s friendly for freelance ‘beginners’ and they even have a nifty program that helps track your working hours so there wouldn’t be any room for questioning from your employer.

» Available Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank or Wire Transfers – [Guru additionally offers Prepaid Mastercard and direct deposit withdrawals]

**NOTE: For writing stints, it also helps to look into more specialized websites like and

To learn online skills, read: How to Become a Digital Nomad


#5 to 7 – Raket, 199Jobs, (Philippine-Based)

• Raket.PH – Simply put up your profile and the employers will contact you based on the services that you can offer. Some jobs can be done online, but much like any raket or sideline, you can post other competencies that you can do in person (like tutoring, hosting, etc.)
» Available Payment Methods: Depends on the payment method that you and your client agree on

• OnlineJobs.PH – Functions much like oDesk where you put up your profile as you work from home and apply for jobs; or wait for employers to contact you.
» Available Payment Methods: PayPal, Payments.Ph, Xoom, eMoneyGram, Western Union, or Skrill

• 199Jobs – This is much like Fiverr but prices start at Php 199. Don’t worry because this website does not only have Philippine employers, but international/foreign ones too!
» Available Payment Methods: PayPal, GCash, Bank Deposits

#8 to 12 – Crowd Spring, Crowd Site, Design Crowd, Design Contest, 99Designs (For Graphic Designers)

If you are good on graphic or logo designs like I do, these are the perfect platforms for you! I really enjoyed joining these websites because the employers put their job listings as some sort of contest, so naturally you go against everyone and aim to be the best. It’s a bit of a pressure sometimes, but I loved it because it did not only expose me to other designers’ skills and ideas, but it also made me try to continually improve my style.

Other than contests, employers can also hire you by just searching for your profile or portfolio.

**UPDATE: You can also check out the websites and to sell your art as they are one of the biggest platforms for such! Other websites as well that are NEW wherein you can sell your graphic design work or technical specialty (for programming, html, etc.) are: and

» Available Payment Methods: [CrowdSpring] PayPal & Bank Wire Transfer | [CrowdSite] PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer & V-Pay | [DesignCrowd] PayPal & Skrill | [DesignContest] PayPal, Skrill & Moneygram | [99Designs] PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or Moneybookers & Western Union
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If you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or website-owner, these work great!

Work from Home - Earn from Affiliate Marketing

#13 – Amazon Associates

Help advertise Amazon products and for every purchase made from your special ‘affiliate link’, you will earn up to 10% of it. Now we all know  how Amazon practically sells almost EVERYTHING. So let’s say in your blog, you’re reviewing a book — simply search for a product link of it on Amazon, apply your special affiliate code, post this special link in your post (or you could even put a banner for it), and that’s it!

This is more of like a passive income kind of work from home, because you don’t need to work so hard for it. For example, you could have put a link in a post in 2012 that you completely forgot about, yet whenever someone lands there, becomes interested in the book, and then buys it = YOU EARN!

Note: eBay has a similar partner program, but I’m more of an Amazon fan especially because I had a long working relationship with them before, plus I currently have my own business with them –so hello, bias!-, but anyways, you can definitely check out eBay’s affiliate program too over here.

» Available Payment Methods: Amazon Gift Certificate/Card, Bank Direct Deposit (US-Based Associates Only), Cheque

#14 – Agoda Partners

You must have heard of Agoda. I use this website ALL THE TIME whenever I book hotels, hostels, etc. especially because most of the time, they have cheaper prices than the rates posted by the hotels themselves. So anyways, you can earn a commission for every booking that is made through your special Agoda Partner link.

This blog has a lot of travel articles so if you would notice, I often have these banners that promote cheap or luxurious hotels in a certain area — those are my Agoda affiliate links. ( is also a great partner especially since it’s mostly demanded in the US and Europe. Agoda on the other hand is ideal for Asian accommodations).

» Available Payment Methods: Bank Wire Transfers / Deposits

#15 to 16 – Google AdSense & YouTube Partnership

AdSense is basically a program with Google that lets you earn by allowing them to show targeted ads on your blog or website. I am connecting it to YouTube Partners (a program where it inputs ads on your videos) because they go hand-in-hand and are products of Google anyways.

Now I have been an AdSense member before, but for some reason my account was deactivated because they detected invalid activity or clicks. Consequently, this did not qualify me to become a YouTube partner either… which SUCKS. And apparently it’s quite a common thing: you will read it all over the internet! Once you are suspected, no matter how you appeal to Google, you won’t get back to the program and they won’t even explain why they think they detected invalid activity or whatnot.

Some people actually managed to earn a LOT through AdSense, and then suddenly BAM. All gone. Google bans them with no explanation at all. So please proceed with caution (by withdrawing your money every time LOL. But seriously!)

» Available Payment Methods: EFT, Cheque, Western Union, Rapida, Wire Transfer

#17 – Mad Ads Media

If you want an alternative to Google AdSense (like me) then Mad Ads Media is for you! I actually like them a lot because if Google pays you per clicks, Mad Ads Media rather pays you per views and in my opinion, it’s more friendly to starting blogs. (Earning is faster too!)

» Available Payment Methods: PayPal, Cheque, ACH

#18 – OWN MEANS: Sell ad space! Partner with Brands! Or do Paid Reviews!

Ad Space – Not only can you set your own price (make it reasonable, okay?) but you could even carefully select what kind of ads/brand/product that can show up on your page, define the number of days that it will stay up, as well as on how big of a space they could take up in your blog. (You can even offer to promote other blogs for a fee per month!)

Of course this work from home won’t take off quickly especially if you have a fresh blog that still needs more promotion, but in time (or if you’re already a big blogger) it will definitely help you rake some extra money in.

Brands – If you have a niche blog that focuses on travel, makeup, fashion, makeup, etc. look for brands that are willing to take you in as an affiliate. If you’re a travel blogger, aside from Agoda that I’ve already mentioned above, you could also try to contact local airlines or travel agencies that might be interested in working with you. Or if you’re a makeup blogger, websites like Sigma Beauty, Elf Cosmetics, etc. have affiliate programs. All you need to do is to do your own research or have the guts to approach them and pitch your blog!

In some cases, if you’re lucky and they find you worthy, they might even make you an ambassador of their business! Good luck!

Paid Reviews – As the phrase goes, you allow yourself to review a product/business but with payment. However, I highly suggest that you don’t go accepting brands that have nothing to do with your blog or identity. Only accept those that you are interested in and are willing to support in your blog.

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Other websites to set up shop with (aside from Facebook)!

Online Retail

#19 – Amazon or Ebay

We all know what Amazon and eBay are. With their vast reach, it could definitely give your shop or products an added boost of exposure! If you don’t have ideas for what products to sell though, simply browse through the website and you’re bound to find something worth selling.

This kind of work from home, however, requires some sort of knowledge beforehand because you need certain market knowledge and tricks… This is actually where my current main work and business is located (my Amazon shop is called Adalid Gear; or actually, ‘our’, because Jonas [my boyfriend] and I both own the business) and I can tell you, you could earn soooooo much from here as long as you know what you’re doing!

Jonas and I are actually planning on putting up an educational course for selling in Amazon (since it’s quite comprehensive) so if you want to be notified once it’s up, come and subscribe to my monthly newsletter here!

UPDATE: I just found out that there are courses online that can already teach you the basics of selling on Amazon. Check out these Udemy courses: “How to Private Label Products for Amazon” and “How to Sell Online on Amazon“. I haven’t tried them myself, but looking at the course outline, even if they are not as comprehensive like the mentorship that I’ve gone through as well as the course that we intend to offer, it should at least give you an idea of the business (especially if you already are in a rush to know how Amazon selling works). Good luck!

» Available Payment Methods: [Amazon] Bank Account Transfer | [eBay] PayPal, Credit Card, Escrow, Cheque, Collection in Person

#20 – Shopify

If you want to set up an online shop yourself without the help of a web designer/developer (since you want to make it or control it all by yourself) then Shopify is the best solution for you. It gives you all the tools and easy-to-use guides to set it all up; from payment, to inventory-handling, prices, tax, shipping and more.

The downside though is that it can also get quite pricey since they have monthly fees. BUT, if you actually think about it, the fees that you have to pay every month with Shopify might actually make the price that you were supposed to pay a web designer look cheaper. (So… -wink- if you want a web designer/developer, I can make one for you! See my portfolio here).

But anyways, Shopify has its perks so check it out!

» Available Payment Methods: Depends on you, you can set up your shop’s payment options for customers (Credit Cards, Cash on Demand, etc. Rest assured, Shopify has many diff. payment processing services to offer you)
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Ideal websites to sell your art pieces!

Sell Art Online

#21 to 24 – Cafe Press, Red Bubble, Society6, Zazzle

Do you want to concentrate on just making your art and design as a work from home career? And then leave all the shipping worries, printing, and shop management to another provider? Good news: these 4 websites are ideal for you!

Simply upload your art images and they will take care of selling your designs — it could be printed on a poster, a mug, a t-shirt, etc!

» Available Payment Methods: [CafePress] Paypal, Cheque | [RedBubble] Bank Transfer, PayPal, Cheque | [Society6] PayPal | [Zazzle] Cheque, PayPal

#25 – Etsy

If you have an interest in making handmade crafts, vintage items or supplies: Etsy is the best marketplace for you! (But you can also sell a LOT of other things on Etsy like digital products, etc.)

» Available Payment MethodsIt’s up to you what payment method you’ll choose for your shop; currently, Etsy offers: PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, Cheque, Money Order, etc.
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Other than setting up your own portfolio site to promote your services, come sell your shots to stock photo websites!

Sell Photos Online

#26 to 29 – Fotolia, Dreamstime, iStock, Shutterstock

Selling stock photos is the way to go to make more cash with your photographs. But be mindful that some websites now have the right to turn down your work; so don’t think that a half-assed photo that you didn’t want to place in your portfolio could make the cut. Nevertheless, you could definitely control the licenses of each of your photos; just make sure that you read through all of the website’s policies so you know what you’re getting into.

» Available Payment Methods: [Fotolia] PayPal, Skrill | [Dreamstime] PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill | [iStock] Cheque, PayPal, Skrill, iStock Payoneer Card | [Shutterstock] PayPal, Skrill, Cheque
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From transcriptions, to tutoring, etc.


#30 – Quicktate (Transcriptions)

This website was one of my sideline ‘work from home best friends’ back in college especially when I wanted to save money for online shopping on my PayPal account LOL. Basically, Quicktate is a website where you can do transcriptions — you transcribe or type out the words that you hear from audio files.

To be a part of their website, you need to apply first but it’s fairly easy. Anyways, overall, I trust this website because they really pay on time (which is weekly). The money is not much, but if you’re into this kind of thing and just want some extra cash in your idle time, then go ahead! (If you want higher paid transcription jobs, just look into UpWork, etc.).

» Available Payment Methods: PayPal

#31 – Skill Share (For Professionals)

Let’s say you’re a well-known person that is an expert in a certain area with notable achievements to date — like being a book author, a top consultant, awarded psychologist, social media expert who had his/her own seminars, etc. — then Skill Share is the website you should be looking into!

If you know your field very well, you are free to make your own courses here and once you reach 100 students, you will be eligible for their Partner Program which enables you to earn some on the 30% revenue made by Skill Share for their paid memberships. It is said that on average, a teacher can make $3,500 or Php 147,000+

» Available Payment Methods: PayPal

#32 to 33 – InstaEDU, (Teachers & Tutors)

For InstaEDU, they seem to require all their tutors to at least be 18 and have previous tutoring or teaching experience. Tutors should also have graduated from university in a 4-year course. (You can earn $20 per hour which is prorated per minute – international tutors & teachers are allowed to apply).

As for, unfortunately you have to be based in the U.S. or Canada. If you are, then head to this page to see their other requirements. I’m not sure for their rates though, because their FAQ doesn’t expound more on that unless you’re a registered tutor on their site (I’m obviously not a part of this before because I have not resided in the U.S.) but I have heard that it starts at $10 per hour, and goes up as you develop your tutor level.

» Available Payment Methods: [InstaEDU] PayPal, Cheque | [] PayPal
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Make Money Online - Work from Home

I hope these sites can help make your work from home dreams possible. As you can see, there are a LOT of opportunities on the internet so I encourage you to take advantage of them.

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TIP: Don’t register on one website alone. A common financial concept is to diversify your ‘portfolio’ and this idea is very applicable when finding work online. I suggest that you sign up to as many websites as you can and wait for the opportunities to come rolling in (provided that it’s in the same field; don’t waste your time on an area that you know you can’t offer anything in). Besides, at first, you won’t be getting too many ‘orders’ so it’s best to expand your market reach so that you can slowly gain a brand for yourself over time. And then once work from home starts piling, you’ll eventually identify which website/s you are getting the most customers from so that you can focus on that/those alone.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes for you!

How about you?

  • Why do you want to work from home?
  • Are you a freelancer or digital nomad like me? How has it been for you?
  • Do you know of any other helpful websites that enable work from home?

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