'What is Snooze in Gmail?': How to use the Gmail inbox management feature on desktop or mobile


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  • Snooze is a Gmail feature that helps you stay on top of your inbox by reminding you to follow up on emails you didn’t initially have the time or bandwidth to respond to.
  • The Snooze button appears in the subject line bar of your emails when you tap your finger on or run the cursor over the message in Gmail. 
  • You can also search Snoozed emails in a specified folder automatically created by Gmail. 
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More things are competing for our attention than ever before, making it difficult to keep up with all the emails from work, friends, family, companies, and more. With so much inundating your inbox, it can be easy to miss an email or forget to reply to the few you found time to open. 

For those who experience email overload more than they’d like, Google conceived Snooze. The tool helps busy people keep up with a crowded inbox by allowing you to save an email for later. With Snooze, you can designate a pre-selected or customized time for the email to pop back up and remind you to reply. 

Google has also added a folder in the Gmail sidebar menu that automatically stores Snoozed emails. You can search those messages to find an email you need to respond to sooner than you thought.

Here’s how to do it. 

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How to Snooze a Gmail email in a web browser

1. Open your Gmail account in a web browser on your computer.

2. Find and point your cursor over the message you want to Snooze.

3. On the far right of the subject line, a clock icon will appear alongside several other symbols Click on it.

What is snooze in Gmail 1

4. A set of predetermined times and an option to choose a custom Snooze will appear. Select when you want the email to become visible in your inbox again.

What is snooze in Gmail 2

How to search through Snoozed emails in Gmail on a web browser

1. Open your Gmail account.

2. Move your cursor over to the left sidebar in your Gmail inbox and click on the clock icon and folder titled “Snoozed.”

What is snooze in Gmail 3

3. If you’ve Snoozed a lot of emails and want to quickly and easily locate one, click the search bar at the top of your Gmail inbox and type a keyword. 

How to Snooze in Gmail 7

How to Snooze a Gmail email on a mobile device

1. Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or Android.

2. Tap and hold on the email you want to Snooze until the top search bar is replaced by a menu bar featuring four options: a file, a trash can, a letter, and three dots.

What is snooze in Gmail 4.PNG

3. Select the three dots icon in the top right to bring up the email options menu. On an iPhone this will appear at the bottom of the screen. For Android users, the menu will appear at the top right in the Gmail app.

4. Tap the Snooze option.

What is snooze in Gmail 5.PNG

5. To “Snooze” multiple messages, tap and hold each email you want a reminder for. 

6. Select the three dots when they appear, then select the “Snooze” option. 

What is snooze in Gmail 8

7. Tap the date and time you want to be reminded. 

What is snooze in Gmail 9 

How to search through Snoozed emails in Gmail on a mobile device

1. Open the Gmail app.

2. Tap on the three lines located at the top of the Gmail app on the left side of the search bar. When you do, a folders menu will appear.

What is snooze in Gmail 6.PNG

3. Select “Snoozed” in the second submenu “All Labels.” This will bring up all of your Snoozed messages, with the option to search through the emails via the search bar.


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