How to change the notification sound on your Android device in 5 simple steps


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  • You can change the notification sound on your Android device through its Settings menu. 
  • A change of notification sound can add a little personality to your device with something more exciting than a monotonous ding.
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Are you bored with the default notification sound on your Android phone? Do you want a distinctive tone so that you can separate your phone from all the rest? 

Changing the notification sound is a great way to switch things up and customize your device. 

If you’re ready to trade in that monotonous ding for something a little more exciting, here’s how to change notification sound on Android through the Settings app. 

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How to change the default notification sound on Android

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

2. Tap “Sound.”

3. Tap “Default notification sound.” Depending on the brand of your phone and what Android version it is running, you may need to tap “Advanced” first in order to find “Default notification sound.”

android notification 1

4. You’ll be brought to a list or page with several different notification sounds. Tap on a tone to listen to it.

android notification 2

5. Once you’ve chosen a notification sound, tap “Save” or “OK,” depending on the version of your device. 


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