Here’s why aspirants must focus on NCERT Books during the JEE Main preparations

JEE Main is a highly competitive exam. Every year, lacs of aspirants enroll for it and prepare for the exam alongside board preparations. Students may go for the best JEE Main preparation books but at times, they fail to understand the importance of NCERT Books while preparing for the exam. Many of the students preparing for JEE Main fail to observe that the questions asked in previous years have a major section of questions that have been asked from the NCERT books. All one needs to do is, be thorough with it and try to understand and read each line of ‘the’ book.

Best Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2020: Physics, Chemistry & Maths

This year JEE Main exam has been postponed due to the wake of a global pandemic, COVID-19, it is slated for the last week of May 2020 now. The JEE Main score enables admission to NITs, GFTIs and other engineering colleges in India. The delay has caused an inconvenience to the authorities and students alike, however, students now have more time to brush up their preparation and score better. Students must keep an eye on all the latest developments related to the exam to stay in the game at all times.

Here are some of the major reasons why JEE Main aspirants must focus on NCERT books for better preparation.

Why NCERT Books?

Among many reasons for opting NCERT books, here are some of the major lookouts for JEE Main preparation from these books.

Brush Up The basics

If you have been a student studying CBSE curriculum, you must be aware that the NCERT books lay a solid fundamental ground for students. Each concept is explained in great detail along with the best examples. Having clarity of concepts will help in better preparation for students appearing in competitive exams including the esteemed JEE Main.

Summarized Endings

Many of us can overlook the fact that the NCERT books have a summary at the end of each chapter. This may seem like a very basic and unimportant factor, however, if you understand the value of time and how important it is to revisit and revise all the topics, you will know why NCERT books. While you will be in the last leg of your preparation, the summarized endings will help you go through the chapter quickly without missing out on important topics.

Direct Questions In JEE Main Exam

Yes, this must-have got you off-guard but it is indeed true. Many of the questions are asked directly from the NCERT books. You just have to be thorough and go through each and every line written in the textbook. Many students miss the example questions or sample questions while preparing. It is highly recommended to not miss out on them. You never know what gets picked up for JEE Main exam.

Best Book For Inorganic Chemistry

We can bet on this fact that no book is better than what NCERT is for inorganic chemistry section in JEE Main. Many of the questions asked in JEE Main examination, on p-block elements, have been from the NCERT book. Questions on inorganic reactions in JEE Main are sometimes directly taken from it. Solutions for NCERT Chemistry 11 and 12 are highly useful to get your basics right and revise them properly for the exam.

Go-to Book To Solve Numerical Problems

To attempt the JEE Main mathematics section, students are required to have impressive thinking abilities to solve the numerical questions. Although not many questions are asked from NCERT books but every year, questions in the mathematics section are asked from Vectors, Mathematical Reasoning and Statistics topics.

Guidebook To Crack Physics Section

To crack the Physics section in the JEE Main exam, students require a deep understanding of the concepts. As per the previous years’ question papers, there have been few questions that were asked indirectly from the NCERT Books. Students who go through all the concepts and understand the underlying meaning can answer such questions easily. For concepts like modern physics and mechanics, NCERT books are sufficient and as discussed earlier, the summary at the end of each chapter serves the best up.

So, go full-throttle with your preparation and do not skip class 11 and class 12 syllabus from the NCERT books along with other preparation books for JEE Main.