10 Great Websites for Free PowerPoint Templates


If you’re looking to create an awesome presentation in no time, you can use the free PowerPoint templates, though it’s limited in terms of creative designs.

You can find a wide variety of free PowerPoint templates online that can bring more to your work. All you have to do is download the ones you want, open them in PowerPoint, and edit them however you like to fit your own needs.

Here’s a roundup of websites from where you can get the best PowerPoint templates free of charge and create stunning presentations.

Best Websites For Free PowerPoint Templates

  1. Presentation Magazine
  2. Behance Slide Template Collection
  3. PowerPoint Styles
  4. Showeet
  5. Google Slides Templates
  6. Slides Carnival
  7. 24Slides
  8. Free-PPT-Templates.com
  9. Slide Hunter
  10. fppt.com

Presentation Magazine

This website offers more than 67,000 creative, free PowerPoint templates. It has more than a dozen categories to browse from such as medical, business, nature, educational, wedding, architectural, Christmas, travel and weather.  You can search for them by popularity, color or tag.

The templates are both regular and animated, and are added or updated frequently. They’re also easy to download as you get the file immediately on your computer, plus you get to see a screenshot of what they’ll look like on your slide deck.

There’s no rating system though, and most templates are very basic, but at least you have a wide variety to pick from.

Behance Slide Template Collection

Behance is a showcase site for creatives from all over the world, so you’re bound to find some really professionally designed, extremely artistic and attractive slide templates. The best part is that you can get creative PowerPoint templates, download free of charge, and use with your PowerPoint presentation.

You can use the search filter to find some of the best templates you can use by using variables such as user ratings, most appreciated, or categories like infographic or business presentation and more. A preview of the template’s slide designs is also available so you can see what your deck will look like before you download it.

If you plan to get templates from Behance though, you’ll also need access to Illustrator or Photoshop.  

PowerPoint Styles

PowerPoint Styles also offers free PowerPoint templates and you can find one that fits your needs by sorting the list according to the most viewed, recently added or top downloaded templates. It also provides categories and tags to help you find general templates, or cartoon, abstract, social, textures, telecommunication and other types of templates.

Each template has a screenshot so you can get a sneak peek of what the actual design looks like, and they’re downloaded as PowerPoint files making it easy to add to your presentation.

You can also select any color you want to see the templates with your preferred one as the primary color, which is good if you’re building a slide deck for your brand.

The main drawback of this website is the ads on the site that make it hard to find the proper download button for the template you want.


Showeet displays its free PowerPoint templates with lots of information about each one, and you can browse the popular ones by tags such as fun, business, pattern and more. Each download page also comes with preview images, plus instructions and tips on how to use the template and make it interactive.

They’re also updated and added from time to time, but you’d need to follow them on social media or subscribe by RSS to get updates on their latest template designs.

The main drawback is that each template is stored in a ZIP file, so you have to extract the files before using them on your presentation.

Google Slides Templates

Google Slides templates are stylish and royalty-free so you can use them when you have upcoming presentations and you’re pressed for time so you can’t design your own from scratch.

You don’t have to fill out a registration form to use the free PowerPoint templates on this site. Plus, you get handy links that can help you if you’re new to creating presentations in Google Slides, or you’ve not used it in a long while.

Slides Carnival

For low-budget projects, Slides Carnival is a great website to get free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates. You can use theme-based menus on the site to find templates, browse the most recent themes, type a keyword in the search bar, or sort through the well-defined categories.

The site also offers supporting material with information that explains why the templates work well so you can make a better decision.


This website makes finding a free PowerPoint template much easier as it’s clutter free and there aren’t any ads. 

The templates are professionally designed, clean, and easy to find as it organizes them by category, featured, or most popular, though you can also filter them by creative or corporate. You also get to see preview screenshots, which makes it easier for you to narrow down your choices.

You don’t have to extract the downloads from a ZIP folder as they download directly, and are stored in PPTX format so you can use them on your presentation.

However, you need a user account to download the templates, and it has fewer categories you can look through.


This website for free PowerPoint templates offers professional-looking templates in categories such as music, technology, educational, medical and countries. You can filter them by editor’s choice, top 10, or most popular, though its search filters aren’t intuitive.

Another drawback with this site is that the PowerPoint templates you download are stored in archives, not directly as PPTX files for easy and quick use with your presentation.

Slide Hunter

Slide Hunter lists its free PowerPoint templates under different topics including strategy, education, planning, charts, cycle, 3D, arrows and more. Some of them offer multiple screenshots so you can see what you’re about to download, plus related templates you can choose from.

However, you have to extract the templates from a ZIP file before using them on your presentation, and there’s no content description or information about the number of slides or length of the slideshow.


This popular website for free PowerPoint templates stocks a massive collection of professional templates in different categories such as wedding, business, religious, graduation, nature and abstract.

You can easily find a template that matches your needs by filtering your searches by category, keyword, tags, themes or backgrounds.

You can see user comments and download counts on the download pages so you can decide whether or not you want a specific template you like. Plus, you don’t have to register or wait for an ad before downloading as they download instantly to your device.

However, some templates can be large and take some time to download, and there aren’t enough screenshots to show you more about the template you’re downloading.

Get Your Next Presentation Template

We’ve highlighted only 10 sites where you can get free PowerPoint templates from, but there are many other options out there. However, you can get a wide variety of designs for different purposes so you can impress your audience, and ace that assignment or land your next client.

We’d love to hear your recommendations for great websites where you get free PowerPoint templates from. Share with us in a comment below.