PRESENTING: 10 diversity leaders who are fighting inequality in top companies like Netflix, Salesforce, and Microsoft



Increasing workplace diversity is a priority in the corporate world. 

Several studies have shown that diverse and inclusive companies not only make businesses more profitable, but they also drives innovation in the long run. 

Business Insider has selected 10 influential leaders who are driving this change. These power players are examples of how major corporations can help break the glass ceiling, bring down racial barriers, and push for more opportunity. 

Executives include Vernā Myers at Netflix, Randall M. Tucker at Salesforce, and Rosanna Durruthy at LinkedIn, who all shared unique approaches to implementing progressive hiring practices and creating inclusive work environments for their employees.

In this exclusive BI Prime roundup, we reviewed each leader’s ability to increase representation and inclusivity programs, and turned to honors such as Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Diversity list to make our decision.

Read below for exclusive information on the programs they’ve launched to fight unconscious bias and improve minority retention, plus actionable suggestions for leaders who want their diversity efforts to be more than just talk.

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POWER PLAYERS: The 10 most influential diversity leaders fighting inequality in corporate America right now

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