Still shopping for Christmas GIFs? Here are the most popular holiday reactions, according to Google (GOOG)


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  • GIFs can add some color to any conversation, and billions are sent every month.
  • Last year, Google acquired Tenor, which powers GIF search in all Google products, as well as in Twitter, iMessage, Facebook, and others.
  • Google created a list of the top Christmas GIFs from 2019 based on its iOS GIF keyboard.
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GIFs are a fun addition to any group chat, and they’re found on Facebook, iMessage, and even Slack channels. Last year, tech giant Google bought Tenor, powering GIFs in all of its products. Now, it’s released a list of the most used holiday GIFs. Here are the top ten.

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10. This dog dressed as Santa is ready for Christmas.



9. Carlton of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ rocks a Christmas sweater.



8. Christmas lights twinkling make for a sweet GIF.



7. No Christmas list would be complete without ‘Elf’ GIFs …



6. … so we’re making this list and checking ‘Elf’ twice.



5. Dwight from ‘The Office’ is also clearly excited about the holiday,



4. Adding a Christmas hat to Jonah Hill makes this GIF fitting for the holidays.



3. ‘Home Alone’ is another Christmas classic.



2. Carlton dancing in another sweater, for all your Christmas needs.



1. Finally, one more “Elf” GIF to complete the list.