This $10 million 'Star Trek' themed Silicon Valley home looks like a spaceship and has a two-story airplane hangar door


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  • This home in the Silicon Valley suburb of Los Altos Hills, California is futuristic in every sense. 
  • Many aspects of the design are right out of “Star Trek,” like an elevator based on the show’s iconic transporter.
  • It’s also a smart home, with the ability to control all kinds of settings throughout with smart devices.
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This Silicon Valley home feels like a step into the future with designs inspired by “Star Trek,” and smart devices controlling nearly every aspect of life.

The $10 million, six-bedroom home is filled with innovations that feel straight out of a sci-fi film. Owners Junaid Quraishi and Malika Junaid told The Wall Street Journal of some of the many high-tech tools they’ve installed.

Lights, sound, and climate can all be controlled from their phones or smartwatches, and they can also adjust pool and shower temperatures the same way.

The kitchen has hidden features, too. For example, one button releases a hidden spice rack from the island, while another exposes a second, smaller kitchen used for parties. 

The highlight of the home, though, is the two-story glass airplane hangar door, which can be raised to open up the house to the outdoors, giving Quraishi and Junaid stunning views from their elevated dining room. 

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This Los Altos home took around three years and $10 million to build, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

It sits on 2.7 acres of land, with views of the San Francisco Bay.

One side of the home has a two-story glass airplane hangar door that can open up the pool and dining area to the outdoors.

In this smart home, the push of a button opens the glass door.

The house is ultra-modern, with many glass features.

When the glass door opens, the living area below the circular dining space is also opened to the property, which cost about $2 million, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Plane hangars in homes are rare, and this one, plus the circular elevated dining room, add to a futuristic feel.

Architect and owner Malika Junaid calls the dining area the “focal point” of the home, which she told the Wall Street Journal resembles “a very abstracted version of the Starship Enterprise.”

The home also has an indoor pool that can open to the outside, with custom tile work based on “The Creation of Adam” from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.

The large living room is the heart of the home, which is mostly open.

It has a transparent elevator inspired by the transporter teleportation machine in “Star Trek.”

The clear, tube-shaped structure of the elevator is very similar to the props that were used on the TV show, seen here.

The kitchen looks like the control center of a space ship, in white and silver with clean lines.

The 19-foot backsplash can retract to reveal hidden appliances, plus an extra pantry, according to Los Altos Online.

Source: Los Altos Online

The house also boasts a luxurious home theater with 18 reclining seats.

The theater has nods to another pop culture favorite, “Star Wars,” with images of the Millennium Falcon ship on the ceiling, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The large walk-in closet is a dream for anyone with too many clothes.

The bathroom is also futuristic and polished, and the homeowners can set the shower temperature before they even get to the bathroom.

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