How to share a photo album on your iPhone using iCloud, and let any of your friends view and add photos to it


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  • You can share an album on your iPhone using iCloud’s Shared Albums feature.
  • The iPhone’s camera creates gorgeous shots, and sharing those pictures is incredibly easy with Shared Albums.
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With every iteration of the iPhone, Apple continues to step up its camera game.

So naturally, we want to see and share the amazing iPhone shots we take of each other as soon as possible — long gone are the days of waiting for friends to upload an album to Facebook.

Apple has made sharing photo albums with other iPhone users simple. In fact, you’ll only need to use your iPhone’s Photos app, as long as you’ve enabled permission.

Here’s how to get started through iCloud.

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How to turn on Shared Albums on your iPhone with iCloud

1. Open the Settings app. 

2. Tap your name at the top, above “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store.”

3. Tap “iCloud” at the top of the page that opens.

4. You’ll see a list of apps that use iCloud. Tap Photos, at the top.

5. Use the slider to enable “Shared Albums” if you haven’t already.

How to share album on iPhone

How to create a Shared Album

1. Open the Photos app.

2. Tap the blue plus sign in the top-left corner.

How to share album on iPhone

3. Tap “New Shared Album.”

4. Name the album, and tap “Next.”

5. Invite the people you want to share the album with. They will have to be iPhone, iPad, or Mac users.

6. Tap “Create.”


How to add photos to a Shared Album

Now that you have created a shared album, adding pictures is like adding photos to any other iPhone album. You can select photos from “All Photos,” or select them from other albums, like “Screenshots” or “Favorites.” 

How to share album on iPhone

The big difference: Anyone that you’ve invited to the album can add photos as well, creating a unique photo portal for easy sharing between friends and family. 

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