How to find your phone number on an iPad in 2 different ways


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  • You can find your phone number on your iPad in two different ways. 
  • If you have an iPad that has Wi-Fi + Cellular, it has a phone number associated with the SIM card – you cannot place a voice call to this number, since it is a data-only plan, but you can find it in the Settings app’s About section.
  • Your iPad may also use your iPhone’s number for FaceTime calls if you’ve set it up, and you can check this number in the Settings app under FaceTime.
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Apple offers the iPad in two flavors: Wi-Fi only, which is the more common version, and Wi-Fi + Cellular, which is more expensive, but can access the internet using a cellular data plan when there’s no Wi-Fi available. 

Since the cellular version of the iPad has a SIM card and accesses the internet that way, it has a phone number assigned as well. You cannot call this number – it has no voice plan associated with it – but you can text the number.

That’s not all. Even if you have a Wi-Fi only iPad, it might have your iPhone’s number associated with it, if you set them up to work together. If your iPad is connected to your iPhone, for example, you can conduct FaceTime calls from your iPad using your iPhone’s phone number.

Here’s how to track down both numbers using your iPad.

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How to find your SIM card’s phone number on the iPad

If you have a Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad with a SIM card installed, you can easily find its phone number.

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap “General.”

3. Tap “About.”

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4. Your phone number is on the line called “Cellular Data Number.”

How to find your FaceTime phone number on the iPad

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap “FaceTime.”

3. In the section called “You can be reached by FaceTime at,” you should see a list of ways people can reach you, including email addresses and your iPhone’s phone number. 

4. You can also choose how you want to be identified in the “Caller ID” section – you can choose your phone number or email address. 

number 2

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