How to deactivate and delete your Uber account using the mobile app



  • You may want to delete your Uber account if you no longer require the service.
  • Uber allows you to book rides easily, but it also stores your credit card and location data.
  • Deleting your account is a good option if you don’t want Uber to have your data readily accessible anymore.
  • You can delete your Uber account easily through the mobile app for iPhone or Android.
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Uber has made getting from Point A to Point B easier than ever. In more than 80 countries worldwide, you can schedule a ride with an Uber driver with just a few taps in the app on your phone.

However, not everyone loves Uber. The company has had its fair share of criticism and controversies, and you may decide that you no longer want to use the app, or have an active account with Uber at all. 

Luckily, deleting your account only takes a few minutes. Here’s how to do it through Uber’s mobile app, on iPhone or Android.

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How to delete your Uber account

1. Locate the Uber icon on your phone’s home screen and tap to open the app. 

2. In the upper left-hand corner of your screen, tap the three horizontally stacked lines to reveal a list of menu options. 

3. Towards the bottom of the menu, tap the Settings option. 


4. Scroll down until you see the Privacy settings option, which appears under the Family heading, and tap to open.

5. In the Privacy settings menu, look for the Delete your account option at the bottom of the screen. This appears in red text to differentiate it from the rest of the screen. 


6. Next, you’ll be asked to verify your identity by re-entering your Uber account password. Enter this and press Verify at the bottom of your screen. 

7. You will then be taken to a screen which confirms that your account will be deactivated immediately. It will take 30 days for the account to be deleted entirely from the Uber servers, which gives you a chance to reactivate it, should you change your mind. Tap continue to proceed with deletion.


8. Uber will prompt you to select why you want to delete your account from a list of options. Choose the one that applies to you. 

9. One more screen will ask if you’re sure you want to delete your account. Tap the Delete option at the bottom right of the screen to delete your account. A message will then appear letting you know that your account has been deleted. 

Again, it will take 30 days for your account to be fully deleted. If you log in during that time, your account will be reactivated, with all your data intact.

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