Google just showed off 4 major updates to its futuristic Lens technology that anyone who goes out to restaurants will love (GOOG, GOOGL)


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  • Google announced several updated to Lens at its I/O event on Tuesday. 
  • The updates include automatic tip calculation, bill splitting, and translation services. 
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Google announced new updates to its Lens technology during its Google I/O event on Tuesday.

Lens uses artificial intelligence to “see” what you see through your phone’s camera app. With that vision, Lens can offer useful information about what you’re seeing. 

The latest updates Google announced — which roll out later this month — are geared toward the experience of eating out at restaurants, where Google is looking to streamline some common obstacles people have. 

Check out some of the new updates coming to Lens:

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You’ll be able to point your phone’s camera at a menu, and Lens will automatically highlight popular dishes.

If you tap on the dish, Lens will pull up photos of the dish that other people have taken. 

Pointing your phone’s camera at a restaurant bill will calculate the tip and split the total between your friends.

Lens can show you a video of how to prepare a dish when you point your phone’s camera at the recipe.

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