Microsoft just teased a futuristic new way to play 'Minecraft' (MSFT)


Minecraft (augmented reality)

  • Microsoft’s hugely popular game, “Minecraft,” is apparently getting a new adaptation for smartphones.
  • Similar to how “Pokémon Go” works, the “Minecraft” app teased by Microsoft inserts the world of “Minecraft” into reality through a smartphone.
  • Microsoft only teased the new version of “Minecraft” in a video released on Monday; more information is said to arrive on May 17 when the game celebrates its 10-year anniversary.
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Are you ready for a creeper to blow up in your neighborhood? 

That’s exactly what Microsoft is promising with its new tease for “Minecraft” as a “Pokémon Go”-like augmented reality game.

In a short teaser shared on Microsoft’s Twitter account on Monday, an Android phone is used to demonstrate how someone might interact with “Minecraft” as an AR application:

Minecraft (augmented reality)

The characteristic inventory menu from “Minecraft” sits along the bottom of the screen, but the rest of the screen is consumed by the world of “Minecraft.”A very pixelated pig marches around in mud, and a few of the game’s villagers show up to take a look. 

There’s little else to know at the moment, but it sounds like we’ll hear more soon — a May 17 reveal is scheduled, right in time for the 10th anniversary of the game.

Check out the full teaser right here:

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