10 amazing Android games you can play for $5 or less


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  • More people than ever are using Android-powered phones and tablets to play video games.
  • Mobile games generated $61.3 billion in revenue during 2018, thanks to games like “Fortnite” which increasingly high quality play on smartphones.
  • Whether you’re just looking for something to play on your commute, or want a game you can spend hours playing, we’ve found some of the best Android games you can grab for less than $5.
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More people than ever are using their smartphones as a portal into the world of video games, with mobile games generating more revenue than console and PC video games combined, according t0 SuperData. 

Mobile games generated $61.3 billion in revenue during 2018, thanks to popular titles like “Fortnite: Battle Royale” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” offering a mobile experience that’s comparable to their counterparts on more expensive gaming hardware.

While some mobile games use a “freemium” pay structure to encourage players to spend extra money on microtransactions, the overall quality of games offered on Android devices has been steadily increasing overall. 

While there are a wide range of smartphones and tablets running Google’s Android operating system, the latest devices from popular smartphone-makers like Samsung, Google, and LG have the strength to render impressive 3D graphics. With a mix of great-looking traditional games and unique titles designed specifically to be played on smartphones, Android users can access an impressive collection of games on Google Play.

As Android phones get more powerful, games from other platforms are making their way to the Google Play Store, too. However, this list focuses more on great games that were specifically designed or optimized for mobile. While games like “NBA 2K19” can still be plenty of fun on Android, the game looks and plays better on console, and I don’t want to recommend a game that offers a subpar experience on your smartphone.

Whether you’re just looking for a game to spend 20 hours on, or just need something to play on short rides, here are 10 of the best Android games you can find for less than $5.

“Reigns: Game of Thrones” ($3.99)

“Reigns: Game of Thrones” is a strategy game that lets players rule Westeros from the Iron Throne as one of nine rulers. Much like the show, the ruler’s decision-making skills are constantly put to the test, and mismanaging the kingdom could lead to death — or worse.

Find “Reigns: Game of Thrones” in the Google Play Store.

“Chameleon Run” ($1.99)

Chameleon Run comes from the genre of auto-running games like “Temple Run.” Players must time their jumps and swap between colors to navigate a series of challenging courses. The catchy music alone is good enough to warrant spending $2 on this gem.

Find it in the Google Play Store.

“Monument Valley I & II” ($3.99 and $4.99)

“Monument Valley” is a beautiful puzzle game filled with colorful 3D backgrounds and well-designed mazes. The story unfolds around a silent princess as the player guides her through each new area.

You can find “Monument Valley” and “Monument Valley 2” as separate listings in the Google Play Store.

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