I keep over 200 apps on my iPhone — here's the system I use to organize them all


iphone x home screen

  • I have 221 apps on my iPhone X.
  • All of them are organized on just a single page of my home screen.
  • I created a system to keep all of my apps organized, so I never have trouble finding what I’m looking for.

I currently have 221 apps on my iPhone X.

Yes, it’s more than I’ll ever need.

But I keep my phone from getting overwhelming by organizing my apps into folders, and keeping everything on just a single page, so anything I need from my phone can be accessed right away.

Here’s the system I use for organizing my hundreds of iPhone apps:

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First, let’s quickly talk numbers.

A single page on an iPhone home screen supports up to six rows and four columns of apps. That’s 24 spots to start.

You also have four open slots at the very bottom of the screen, known as the “dock.”

That’s 28 total slots for you to organize all of your various apps.


I break my home screen into three sections: The Dock, Shortcuts, and Folders.

The Dock and Shortcuts contain apps I use most often, since those apps are easy to reach with my thumb.

The Folders are less easy to reach, so they contain apps I use less often.

The Dock features my four most important iPhone apps.

In this case, it’s Apple’s Phone app for calls, Safari for the web, Edison’s AI-powered Mail app for email (which I prefer over Apple’s default Mail app), and Spotify for all my music needs (instead of Apple Music).

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