This $75 wall outlet lets you plug in and control two devices separately using your favorite smart speaker or hub — here's how it works


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iDevices Wall Outlet

  • Traditional smart outlets are great for people who want to quickly add smart control to appliances, but they’re usually unsightly or bulky adapters and only control one device per outlet, or worse, cover up another outlet entirely.
  • The iDevices Wall Outlet (currently $75.64 on Amazon) solves all those issues by replacing traditional wall outlets with smart panels that allow you to control each device separately. 
  • Despite the relatively high price, the device is worth buying since it works well with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Smart switches are a great way to control devices connected to a power outlet from afar. But they’re usually bulky adapters that allow you to control just one device per outlet and sometimes might even cover up another outlet entirely. 

The new iDevices Wall Outlet (currently $75.64 on Amazon) is totally different — it can replace an entire outlet panel so every outlet becomes a smart outlet, it doesn’t look that different compared to a regular outlet panel, and lets you control both devices separately. 


From the front, the device looks pretty much like any other wall outlet panel save for the small power buttons in between the top and bottom outlet. Those buttons let you manually flip the switch on and off, which is perfect for guests or if you just happen to be next to the switch and don’t want to pull out your phone.

It’s a little bulkier than most traditional outlet panels because it sticks out a little as opposed to being flush against the wall. That won’t be obvious visually once the device is installed, but if you have an exceptionally small wiring box, then it might be an issue for you. The back of the outlet is a little less than two inches wide and two inches deep, so it should fit in most wiring boxes.

The only real issue with the design is that it doesn’t come with a cover plate. The device uses a standard Decora-style plate, so you can reuse that if you want, otherwise you’ll have to buy a decorative plate separately.

In general, the iDevices Wall Outlet looks good, but not all that different from any other wall outlet. We’re glad iDevices included physical power buttons for each outlet too, as not everyone wants to take out their phone to turn things on.


  • 1.8 x 1.7 1 4.1 inches
  • 5.6 ounces
  • Requires 120V Line wires and a Neutral wire
  • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit

iDevices Wall Outlet 2Set-up process

Physically installing the iDevices Wall Outlet is easy to do, though you’ll want to ensure that you follow the instructions closely and triple-check that you’ve properly turned off power before doing any work so you don’t get electrocuted. If you’re not sure if you did it properly, it might be worth getting an electrician to do the installation instead. Otherwise, if you’re doing it yourself, turn off the power, remove the old outlet from the wiring box, match up the wires for the new one, and screw it back in.  

Setting it up software-wise is pretty easy too. If you use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, yyou’ll need to download the iDevices app and follow the on-screen instructions. If you use Apple HomeKit, then you don’t actually need the app at all. Just add a new device on your Home app and scan the code on the pull-out tab of the wall outlet. This seamless process makes the iDevices Wall Outlet especially great for HomeKit users.

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What makes it stand out

The iDevices Wall Outlet is a solid, reliable, and nice-looking outlet. It doesn’t offer many fancy features, but it works exactly the way it should and that’s what makes it such a great smart device. That being said, it does give you the ability to control each device that’s plugged in separately, which is a result of this being an entire outlet panel versus an adapter. You can also moniter how much energy your devices are consuming through the iDevices app.

There’s also the fact that the device works with the top three smart home ecosystems. You might assume that the wall outlet only works with Apple products because it’s made by a company called “iDevices,” but it’s not and works perfectly well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa too. It’s great for households with multiple different smart home ecosystems or if you want to switch to a different ecosystem down the road.

Cons to consider

Perhaps the worst thing about the wall outlet is that it’s relatively expensive. While traditional smart switches like the Belkin WeMo Mini or iDevices Switch have dropped a lot in price over the past few years, this one is still around $75. Now, it’s arguably worth paying that — after all, you get two smart outlets and it looks a lot better than most — but the cost is still something to keep in mind.

As mentioned, the other issue with the iDevices Wall Outlet is that it doesn’t come with a cover plate. Cover plates are inexpensive, but it’s still frustrating to buy them separately.

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The bottom line

iDevices Wall Outlet 3

The iDevices Wall Outlet is a great way to get smart features and in a way that looks like a normal outlet. The device may be a little expensive at first glance, but it offers two smart outlets that can control devices separately along with manual power buttons and looks a whole lot better than traditional smart switches. We definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to smarten up their home in a more streamlined and modern way.

Pros: Looks good, easy to install, can also work manually, works with a range of smart home ecosystems

Cons: A little expensive, doesn’t come with a cover plate

Buy the iDevices Wall Outlet on Amazon for $75.64 (originally $99.95)

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