40 Big Tech Predictions for 2019


Digital transformation has arrived. 40 Big Tech Predictions for 2019

Not a single industry is safe from the unstoppable wave of digitization that is sweeping through finance, retail, transportation, and more.

And in 2019, there will be even more transformative developments that will  our businesses, careers, and lives.

Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, has put together a list of 40 Big Tech Predictions for 2019 across Apps and Platforms, Digital Media, Payments, The Internet of Things, E-Commerce, Fintech, Transportation & Logistics, and Digital Health.

Some of these major predictions include:

  • Amazon will launch an Alexa-powered car product similar to Apple’s and Google’s.
  • Amazon will buy Snapchat as the social app struggles to add users, compete with Instagram, and make money.
  • Despite the hype around the Chase-Visa deal, it alone won’t mark an inflection point for contactless payments in the U.S.
  • Smart speaker prices will hit $20 for the newest models.
  • Social commerce will fail to gain adoption despite social platforms’ efforts.
  • US-based trading app Robinhood will go public in 2019 — and it won’t be the only one.
  • While drone delivery regulation inched forward in 2018, the rise of 5G will see companies taking their drone delivery tests to the next level. 
  • Telemedicine won’t take off. 

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