The 1st FAI International Conference attended by Noosphere Ventures and Max Polyakov’s EOS

The 1st FAI International Drones Conference was at Lausanne (Switzerland). Among all the parties involved in the event, Noosphere Ventures, FAI’s global technical partner, and the EOS of Max Polyakov were also in attendance.

More about the first FAI International Conference

  1. The conference

This event took place between the 1st and 3rd September 2017. This great conference is a section of EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) Drone Days 2017.

It was the 1st Drone Days event this year and besides the FAI technical partner Noosphere Ventures of Max Polyakov there were other main drone industry contributors. They included various America Aerial Sports League representatives and Australia Model Aeronautic Association.

This 3-day event dealt with Drones and Innovation, Drones and Sport and Drones and Safety. There were thirty speakers from around the globe both for workshops and for competition events.

  1. Speakers

The thirty speakers talked about various topics including agriculture, education, near-earth observation, public safety, anti-collision approaches and using drones in sports such as technical competitions and racing.

Vladimir Vasiliev (from EOS) during his speech discussed the duty of civilian drones and the way they have improved data analytics and near-earth imaging. Vladimir is experienced in working with imaging technology since he works as the CTO at EOS Company which was started by Max Polyakov in 2016.

During the first day of the conference, Frits Brink (FAI president) explained how beneficial it would be if government authorities participated in policies that will encourage safe use of drones. This will enable engineers and designers to come up with the best technology that makes drones a usual air traffic part.

Image credit: FAI / Marcus King via Flickr

John Langford (one of the speakers) also talked about the benefits of supporting drones. He also pointed out that the US has almost two times the number of registered drone owners than the number of licensed pilots.

Milkhail Ryabokon of Max’s Polyakov Noosphere Ventures talked about drones and sport on the 2nd day. He was instrumental in various drone events in Ukraine and he focused more on this speedily growing sport. He talked about Copter Race 2017 as a particular example. A part of the race was Noosphere Race Cup, which is a stage of FAI World Cup in F3U class drone racing. The event was hosted in late september in Dnipro, Ukraine, by NGO Association Noosphere, founded by managing partner of Noosphere Ventures Max Polyakov.

  1. Workshops

The speakers and the attendants of all ages got their hands dirty. Douglas Burnet of Aerial Sports League is not new in helping young enthusiasts. Drone racing is actually a sport where the young can compete with anyone.

He also talked about the benefits of using drones to engage the youth in engineering themes.

  1. Races

Some drones went to the sky to showcase new technologies, designs and applications. The 3rd day of the conference was meant for the techniques and technologies that denote the bleeding-edge of technology.


Most people who engage in sports got introduced to aeromodelling more than fifty years ago. With assistance from Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures, air sports popularity has revived in recent years. Robots and drones have restored airsports industry excitement and popularized mathematics, science and technology.