5 Tips For People Who Love Online Music

Music streaming is continuously growing in recent years and has recently become one of the best ways to listen to music. There are a lot of streaming apps out there that give you the chance to listen to music for free and some of them that require a monthly subscription. Here are some top tips if you want to listen to online music.

It’s better to use a subscription-based app

Indeed, there are a lot of entertainment services out there that allow you to listen to free music, however, with a minimum investment you can get a massive library along with tons of features. Google Music Play, for example, is one of the most used music streaming apps and for only 4,99$ per year, it offers you a huge library of titles both classical and new.

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Find the best streaming app for your device

Indeed, most of the today’s apps are designed in such a way that they work on any type of mobile device. However, there are some ‘dedicated’ streaming apps music lovers can use depending on their devices. Take iTunes, for example, it will work on an Android device and even on Windows, however, it is clearly designed for Apple phones and apps like Google Play Music go hand-in-hand with Android devices.

If you’re going for a free app, make sure they offer the option to buy music as well just like an opportunity to play bingo for free online with no deposit.

Nobody blames you for choosing not to pay for the music that you listen to and free streaming apps are legal here and should be used. However, make sure to pick an app that gives you the option to also buy the track or the album in case you like it very much. It’s only fair and it also gives the artists a chance.


Help fight against piracy

It is believed that streaming apps helped kill the music piracy industry. Well, that is not entirely correct as a phenomenon known as stream ripping has been actually encouraged by the online music streaming trend. It may have helped in reducing levels of old-fashioned piracy as nobody bothers to make a counterfeit CD or DVD anymore, however, piracy is still a part of music and you can actually download music for free on the Internet.

Is listening to music for free better?

Even though you might not feel the difference between a paid streaming service and a free one, there are plenty of differences that you may fail to observe. First of all, any free streaming app will be filled with ads and other ways for its developers to return the investments. Another important aspect is the quality of the tracks you are listening to.

Free apps do not invest a lot in the top-notch technology and devices to make sure the quality of the tracks is spot on. Last but not least, free streaming apps will never have the same library as paid ones, not to mention the exclusives that you won’t be able to listen to for free.

You are the one with all the power, of course, the choice is totally yours to choose a free or a paid streaming service. There is one thing that we all have in common though, we simply love to listen to music online and that’s all that matters.