Max Polyakov Definitely Knows How To Discipline Your Dog In The Right Way

5 Main Tips on How to Train Your Dog

We all know how hard it is sometimes to cope with a dog’s behavior. But if you decided to take a pet, you have to act responsibly. Taking care of it is not the only thing you have to do. Try to train good manners and discipline your dog. Of course, it may take time and be a challenging process, but this is how you will earn respect and trust of your dog. Max Polyakov has already left the path of a beginner in this deal. Now he can give professional pieces of advice to those who want to prepare their dogs for contests or just discipline them. Follow these tips and maybe someday your pet will become as well-educated as Max Polyakov’s Firefly is.

Max Polyakov’s Firefly

Start Training

Max Polyakov gives a few general rules on how to train a dog:


  • First of all, you have to take your dog to a veterinary. This is the first thing that Max Polyakov did. He checked his Firefly’s health statement and listened to the recommendations of an expert. Then he created a schedule according to which they started training;
  • Be patient. It may be a long process, so, don’t be angry with your dog or bored. Just keep explaining it how to fulfill some exercises. Teach your dog a few basic commands. But don’t mix all exercises at a time. It will just confuse your pet. Train your dog 5-10 minutes each day and repeat those sessions from time to time. All people who communicate with a dog should use those commands too. This is how it will remember them;
  • Reward your pet with something tasty after each successfully completed task. But don’t yell at your dog. You will only scare it and lose the trust of your dog. It should know you are a friend;
  • Find your technics and be attentive. Notice how your dog acts and help it to cope with exercises;
  • Be sporty. Choose special activities that would fit your dog. Those may be dock diving, different trials, tunnels, flyball, jumping.


Don’t forget to read specialized books and dog lover clubs. There’s a possibility that you will see Max Polyakov’s Firefly and at one of their meetings.


Enjoy Your Dog’s Manners

Now when you know all training secrets start teaching your dog. You’ll admire its new manners and be confident in your pet’s behavior.