US backed Middle East Political Puzzle to Destroy Entire Region

Abudhabi,15 June-2014,Rizvi Amir Abbas Syed: United States of America is the only state who has been got contract to maintain political system around the globe by themselves as they are being claimed as super power after the Cold War. However, Russia has a little power to say on it under Putin’s leadership after broke down of USSR. Very simple observation has reminded to think the political unrest any parts of the world, are done by US government directly or indirectly due to their based interest [ US Govt spending millions to prepare for mass civil unrest around the globe] .There is no doubt ,it is a new born colonial system now these days.

US backed Middle East Political Puzzle to Destroy Entire Region

US backed Middle East Political Puzzle to Destroy Entire Region

Image credit: Wikileaks exposes US war crimes in Iraq

Iran is backing Assad, Gulf states are against Assad! Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi. But Gulf states are pro-Sisi! Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood! Iran is pro-Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood! Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US!

Gulf states are pro-US. But Turkey is with Gulf states against Assad; yet Turkey is pro-Muslim Brotherhood against General Sisi. And General Sisi is being backed by the Gulf States!

US has armed Al-Qaida to fight against Assad, Al-Nusra is part of Al-Qaida and they are now in ISIL Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ad-Dawlat al-Islāmiyya fī’l-‘Irāq wa’sh-Shām). US is now against ISIL.

In Syria US and Iran are opponents fighting against each other. In Iraq US and Iran are helping Iraqi Maliki govt. to fight against ISIL. ISIL is supported by Saudi Arabia and Saudi is the ally of US.

Kurdish fighters are mostly Sunni are fighting against Wahhabi ISIL, Hussaini Sunnis are fighting against ISIL alongwith Athna-Ashari Shias. Azerbaijan is a Shia country which is helping Israel against Iran. Armenia is a Christian country helping Iran against Israel.

There are 100 different kinds of Sunnis and Shias in the Middle east, there are also 100 different sects which do not belong to either Sunni or Shia sects. It is absolutely foolish to simplify and generalize Muslims in only two sects.

In Indian sub-continent we are only exposed to few sects of Sunnis and Shias. Middle east doesn’t have any idea of Barelvis, Deobandhis, Indian Sufis, Hussaini Brahmins, Qalandars, Sunni Bohris, Shia Bohris, Sulemani Bohris, Agha Khanis, Qadianis etc. It is stupid to get sucked into the politics of Middle East because they have a very different politics.

USA doesn’t want peace, it wants allies in power, until a pro-US government comes to power, the greedy oil companies will continue supporting violence. Same set of brutal terrorists in one country are called rebels in another nation… All such conflicts are resulting in the Holocaust of innocent people (mostly Muslims) in the entire region.

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  1. The recent chaos in Iraq has revealed the perpetual state of ignorance that is inherent in the minds of the propagandized, who have still learned nothing in regard to U.S. Foreign Policy.

    The hell that is Iraq is a U.S. creation. The pain and suffering endured by the Iraqi People at the hands of U.S. Policy over the last couple decades is a U.S. creation.

    There was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion in 2003. There was no sectarian violence in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion in 2003. There was no hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children starving to death in Iraq prior to U.S. sanctions enforced against them after Desert Storm.

    When you account for the facts, it becomes apparent that the U.S. is responsible for the chaos/instability in Iraq. Following Saddam’s removal, the U.S. Government installed the Maliki regime to power. The Maliki regime has engaged in numerous human right violations and is in many ways more corrupt than Saddam Hussein’s regime ever was. But this didn’t bother the U.S., they knew Maliki was a bastard, they only cared that he would bend over to U.S. economic interests in the region.

    The rampant corruption and silencing/brutalization of political opposition put on display by Maliki’s government has led many Iraqis to resent his authority, which has allowed ISIS insurgents to assemble against his forces. For instance, it was reported that less than 300 ISIS members captured Mosul, a city of 2 million people, this was only possible because they faced no resistance; Maliki has very few loyalists to his cause who are willing to risk their lives defending him. It is important to note that many analysts have attributed the success of ISIS militants in Iraq to their participation in the Syrian Conflict, where they gained valuable fighting experience and also benefited from U.S. funding and weaponry, courtesy of the Free Syrian Army rebels they got it from, whether willingly or by force is debatable. The Free Syrian Rebels are the “good guys” on the pay roll of the United States in the Syrian conflict.

    The point I’m making is this: When you put an evil government in power (Maliki) that slaughters its own citizens and then funnel weapons and arms to a militant organization that is resisting that evil government, chances are that government is going to be destroyed. That’s exactly what is happening in Iraq, and the U.S. is to blame entirely.

    Whatever the U.S. does, you can expect that its actions further exacerbate the instability and chaos in Iraq. Trusting a person who repeatedly breaks something with the task of repairing eludes all reason and logic. The U.S. should not be trusted with doing anything in Iraq, it should stay out of foreign affairs and mind its own business.