How to download music for free from internet

As we all know that most of the time we are trying to reduce our stress level after the heavy work. Generally, we used to hear the music for making us bit relief. When comes to download the music, most of the people visit the websites to download their favorite songs. If they want to watch any videos, they used to visit the YouTube platform. This is the general thing which is happening in recent times. But if you want to watch and download your favorite videos, there are no any specific apps except few. One among those apps is none another than instube.

Why instube?

Those people who all are seeking for videos to download can prefer this instube downloader. By using this instube, you can download all of your favourite videos. Also, you can convert the video from YouTube to MP3 format. When coming to download, instube consumes very less memory to download. This instube will allow downloading any music for free. So, the people who are all searching for the best platform can follow here to get the best as per your convenience.   



Before getting the app or involved into platforms, people are generally wanted to know more about the features. It is the essential thing for the users before downloading it. For those people who want to know about instube can follow the below-given features.

  • You can download any videos to your Android device at free of cost.
  • It supports to convert the video into the mp3 format as well.
  • The user can download the video at high speed.
  • It also has the video locker to protect your videos and music for more secure. 
  • The user can get the video in any quality from low to high.

How to download

For information, this application is developed for the Android devices. So the users who have all downloaded this app on your device, you are now ready to download all your favourite videos from YouTube for free. Let’s follow some of the simple steps that how to download the video from YouTube by using instube.

  1. At first, the user should visit the YouTube application to open.
  2. Now search for your favourite video, and then open it.
  3. Once you find the video, click the download button.
  4. The option will appear on the screen to select the format from the pop-up menu.
  5. As per your convenience, you can click for video or music.
  6. Now it will start to download, and then you should wait for few minutes to complete the download.
  7. Finally, you are now ready watching your favourite video on your phone.

These are the simple steps for the users to follow this app and to get into the downloading mode for videos to download and watch.


So, the people here it is a great app for you to make use of it for downloading the videos and music. For free downloads, you can visit the app anytime to download the video as well as music for unlimited times.