Indian troops can either withdraw or get killed: Chinese media ups the ante on Doklam

NEW DELHI:There seems to be no ease in tensions between India and China over the military standoff in Doklam.

“Time for a second lesson for forgetful India,” declares an article written by John Gong, a professor at the University of International Business and Economics.

Quoting Liu Youfa, China’s former consul general in Mumbai, the article says, “As India continues down this intransigent path, perhaps it is time that it be taught a second lesson. Their troops in Doklam could either withdraw voluntarily, be captured or may be killed when border disputes escalate.”

The comments came in a piece in The Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party media group, which generally reflects the views of the ruling party. The tabloid has unleashed a barrage of anti-India rhetoric in recent weeks amid tensions between the two countries.

Calling India’s logic of reasoning “as feeble as its troops on the ground”, the article says that China can’t constantly be distracted by border skirmishes with India on its road to become a “peaceful, prosperous and powerful nation”.

Attempting to draw parallels with India’s relationship with Bhutan, the article also says that a third country could very well enter into Kashmir, upon Pakistan’s invitation.

Bringing up the Dalai Lama, the article goes on to accuse India of “actively harboring terrorism against the Chinese.”

Chinese and Indian soldiers have been locked in a face-off in the Doklam area in the southernmost part of Tibet in an area also claimed by Indian ally Bhutan for over a month after Indian troops stopped the Chinese army from building a road in the disputed area.