Evergreen First Night Scene of Dev Anand from Bollywood classic Sau Crore

Mumbai, 2 May-2014(bollywoodshaadi): We often tell you about everything that you can learn from movies, especially Bollywood films. Be it about falling in love or proposing your ladylove, we had brought you everything you needed to know about romancing your ‘someone special’. But, when we thought we had given you all the dos and don’ts related to love and romance from movies, Hindi film world proves us wrong again, as we discovered this gem.

Evergreen First Night Scene of Dev Anand from Bollywood classic Sau Crore

 Audio release of Apne
All time bestof bollywood in Audio release of Apne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a suhagraat scene from Dev Anand’s classic, Sau Crore, which we couldn’t help but share with you. Take a look:

This suhagraat scene might seem funny to you at the outset; but there are many important lessons to be learnt here that we would like all newlyweds to not miss out on.

Firstly, girls, we are sure you can find a better place to hang your bag than on top of the bed. It is one of the most unusual places to keep your bag on display (especially when there is no other lady in sight to whom you want to show off your designer piece), right?
What (not) to pack for your honeymoon?
Couples please avoid bringing your “close friend’s” photo along to your honeymoon. We are sure you might be doing it with a good intention that it doesn’t create problems between you and your better half later on. But, there is no need to bring it along to your first night room. This is not one of those Awkward Honeymoon Moments that Brings Couples Closer, or is it?
Right ways to ignite jealousy
Thirdly, do not make attempts to ignite jealousy in your partner unnecessarily, because there are some cases in which it can backfire, say like the first night of your wedding or your honeymoon. Also, your ‘close friend’, who is already on your husband’s target list, should not be used to evoke your spouse’s possessive side. And guys, be possessive, but not aggressive!
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Trust what is ‘fishy’
And, last but not the least; learn to trust your partner. If they say that they have got their “close friend’s” photo along on the honeymoon to make sure that you know that there is nothing between the two, then believe it. Just because someone is carrying around a photo, displaying it and defending it, doesn’t mean there is something ‘fishy’.
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Well, looking at this scene we can say that it deserves more than just sau crore, for sure. We just never realised that someone as dynamic as Dev Anand, could be the mastermind behind this one! Now, aren’t you thankful that we are here to bring such gems to you?