Moscow blames West for hysterical anti-Russian campaign

MOSCOW, 24 April-2014 (Xinhua):The recent anti-Russian campaign was not a result of the situation in Ukraine since the West never stopped its attempts to contain Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday.

Moscow blames West for hysterical anti-Russian campaign

THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. With Foreign Minister Ser...
THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. With Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking at a two-day Global University Forum, Lavrov said the anti-Russian “hysterical” campaign has started long before the political crisis in Ukraine unfolded.

“Spirit of partnership as well as a serious work to create the climate of real trust has been scarified in favor of containment of our country,” he said, adding the West has never abandoned the containment policy completely.

He cited the anti-Russian campaign launched in the United States and Europe on the eve of the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi as an example.

“Our western partners, first of all the U.S., attempted to behave like winners in the ‘Cold War’ and make appearance they can ignore Russia in the European affairs, directly harming the interests of Russian security,” Lavrov said.

Lately, many Western diplomats openly talk about the need to “isolate” Moscow due to deep chasm in Russian and Western approach to the situation in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry voiced “deep concern” over what he called a “lack of positive Russian steps” and reiterated that “the absence of measurable progress on implementing the Geneva agreement (reached at U.S.-EU-Russia-Ukraine meeting on April 17) will result in increased sanctions on Russia.”

The West and Kiev repeatedly blamed Moscow for inciting the unrest and splitting Ukraine, which was denied by Russia.