Scuba Diving: Goa is the safest place in India

Web Desk: Scuba diving is not new for researchers but it becomes more popular in modern age due to ultra modern equipment.  In case of India ,Goa is the top scuba diving destination with its rich corals, colored and beautiful shells and schools of fish. Before we go to Goa, we have to know about Scuba diving. It is said that Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving in which a scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) to breathe underwater smoothly.

According to experts, A scuba diver primarily moves underwater by using fins attached to the feet, but external propulsion can be provided by a diver propulsion vehicle, or a sled pulled from the surface via modern tools. It is needed some other equipment includes a dive mask, a protective diving suit and equipment related to the specific circumstances and purpose of the dive in water. Scuba divers are trained in the procedures and skills appropriate to their level of certification by instructors affiliated to the diver certification organizations in India or abroad. 
A minimum level of fitness and health is required by most training organizations, but a higher level of fitness may be appropriate for some applications in India as per Government law.Scuba diving may be done recreational or professional in a number of applications, including scientific, military and public safety roles with code of conducts, but most commercial diving uses surface supplied diving equipment when this is practicable in underwater.
There is no doubt about that Goa is one of the best tourist destination in India which is located on India’s west coast. It follows  all the codes of mainland India’s  Scuba Diving. The absence of riptide currents in Goa makes the waters ideal and safe for beginners to try Scuba. 

Any one can find professional Scuba diving operators throughout Goa who can help you explore the underwater magic of the Arabian sea in the safest way.  They are  providing training and arranging all the required Scuba gear and transport for Scuba diving. More interestingly, Scuba diving courses are offered for non-swimmers and kids too in Goa.

As government notification shows that Scuba Diving season in Goa starts from mid October to mid April. In this period, Underwater visibility ranges between 5-10 m as expert says. But some where relative low visibility is mainly because of the two rivers which are named the Mandovi and Zuari. Expert says that the depth for scuba diving in Goa ranges from 3-30 m and the water temperature is around 27-30° Celsius throughout the season making diving in Goa very comfortable.


Finally, We can say that Goa is the safest place for Scuba diving in India.The choice between scuba and surface supplied diving equipment is based on both legal and logistical constraints. Where the diver requires mobility and a large range of movement, scuba is usually the choice if safety and legal constraints allow. Higher risk work, particularly in commercial diving, may be restricted to surface supplied equipment by legislation and codes of practice.