Impartial Job site Review: for all job seekers

Web Team: Finding a job is hard enough, but utilising the best job site can make it much easier. platform stands out amongst the competition simply because of its outstanding listing, search results and functionality.If you are looking for something specific, walks you through the best keywords on their advanced search tab. Another quality aspect of this job site is their mobile product that seamlessly works for almost any smartphone or tablet, along with their app, you can search for a new job on the go. Depending on the type of job you’re looking for, where you are in your career, and your specific search needs, what works well for you may be less valuable to another job seeker. The variety of lists for online job sites define some unique characteristics of the top sites in three different categories.

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Job Browsing encompasses the factors that affect how a person can browse job postings. Most sites are set up by PIN code or geographic area so searchers can browse job listings by location preference. Many of the best job sites also let you search international jobs or link to a separate international site branded by that job site. Time period also affects this category. Most searchers don’t want to see stagnant job postings, so the ability to browse the most recent listings is helpful. Finally, most job search sites are free to browse postings without having to create an account or input any information.

Most important job browsing features
  • Free Browsing – Users can search and browse for jobs on the website without creating an account or register.
  • International – Users can browse for jobs outside of India or any where.
  • Most Recent – Users can browse the most recent jobs on the site.
  • Nationwide – Users can browse for jobs available globally.
  • Salary Range – Users can search for jobs based on a specified salary range.

Targeted Search

Targeted Search refers to the different ways a user can narrow down and filter their job search results. This is a very important category because the volume of job postings is so high that the ability to easily return relevant job postings is necessary. Most of the targeted search features are found on the advanced search tab of a job search website. Some popular targeted search features enable searches by company, job title, and experience level. In addition, the best job sites in this category provide a way to exclude certain keywords. Another useful feature in this category is the ability to save targeted searches for future reference. This minimizes search time when users return to the site because their targeted jobs are already populated for them.

Most of the job sites reviewed do not require account setup to browse jobs but doesn’t need. Some job sites don’t even require an account to apply to a job. However, many of the best job search sites have additional content and features accessible only through an account where allows any mode. These features help streamline a job search by tailoring job criteria for what the user needs, and filtering out jobs that are not of value. Having an account also gives one the ability to upload resumes and store them on the site’s servers for easy access. One of the biggest advantages to having an account is job email alerts. This feature delivers new job postings that match predetermined search criteria via email so job searchers don’t have to constantly check the site.

Most important account features
  • Create Account – The website enables users to create an online account to access additional features.
  • Email Alerts – Users can receive alerts via email for jobs posted that match pre selected criteria.
  • Post Resume – Users can post a resume on the job website.
  • Tailored Jobs – The website delivers tailored jobs based on the user’s profile, experience, or resume information.

Career Resource

Career Resources covers all the extra content provided by career job search websites. This content is geared toward helping job searchers better their career, improve job prospects, or even help them find a new career. Career articles, advice, and job forums all help searchers understand current employment trends and key factors for landing a new job. Sites offer both resume writing and editing assistance to help users stand out in an application. Some job search sites compile comprehensive salary information so applicants can assess their worth and negotiate with more confidence. Salary information is also helpful for people investigating a new career.

Most important career resources
  • Career Articles and Advice – The website provides a collection of articles on career advice and other topics.
  • Interview Prep – The website offers assistance with interview preparation.
  • Job Forums – The website offers job forums for discussion on careers.
  • Networking Resources – The websites provides networking resources for job searchers.
  • Resume Resources – The website offers resume writing, evaluation, or distribution services.
  • Salary Information – The website offers salary and compensation statistics for different positions.

Help and Support

Help and Support is the availability of the help function for job searchers. The most common methods are an FAQ section and email support. Most job searchers’ questions revolve around account setup, login issues, or resume upload instructions, which can be easily answered through an FAQ. For more in-depth issues, such as connectivity or site downtime, email is the preferred method of help.

Most important help and support features
  • Email – The company provides email support.
  • FAQ – The company has a dedicated section for answers to frequently asked questions about job searching.


The Mobile category refers to job search sites that are mobile-capable. Many job sites offer iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Even if dedicated apps are not available, most job search websites at least provide a mobile-optimized version of their website. A mobile-optimized site takes the most important features and information from the website and displays it in a way that renders well on a mobile device.

Most important mobile features
  • Android App – The service provides an Android app.
  • iPad App – The service provides an iPad app.
  • iPhone App – The service provides an iPhone app.
  • Mobile Website – The job site has a mobile-optimized website compatible with mobile devices.