Irrfan had invited Modi, Kejriwal for interview done by Lalu Prasad

Mumbai, July 16 – Actor Irrfan Khan says that he had invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for an interview related to his film Madaari, but it was ultimately done by former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad.

I wanted to know it like a common man, there are numerous questions that people have and they want to ask them. Who do they ask? They can’t ask Baba Ramdev. I had even send invitation to him, I told him that I wanted to talk to him as a common man and if I could come, also to promote my film and ask questions as our film is about it.

That I was not coming for song and dance, only to ask questions. I even sent it to Modiji, and even to Kejriwal, Irrfan said at a promotional event for the film.

Irrfan had interview with Lalu Prasad in Bihar a week back and had even shared selfies with him, terming it as bawaal.

Laluji said that it was the occasion of Eid and he might have his reasons (for agreeing). The whole interview is there on Facebook, we spoke regarding the system. We even kept two item songs for him, what came into our mind, one was ‘Ye public hai, ye sab jaanti hai’ from Rajesh Khannas’s film and ‘Waada Tera Waada’, he added.

Incidentally, when the initial reports of the film had come out, it was reported as film based on Kejriwal’s life. But asked if the film is based on any politician, Irrfan said: No politician, no party, it’s about all the parties, all the politicians, and everybody, 125 crore people.

The film flashes the tagline ‘Desh So Raha Hai’. About the tagline, he said: We are not aware, we have been led by whatever is happening around us, like when you are thrown into consumerism. And everybody has a desire to have various things, the desire has been created in you, you are not in control of your desires.

Media tells you an opinion, you feel it is right and you feel that you blindly start following that group. You will not really be critical about that. You are sleeping on your own self. That’s the greatest injustice you can do to yourself.

Also asked about superstar Salman Khan’s recent controversial rape comment, Irrfan first quipped, Salman was raped? Then when told about the comment, he said: That statement came and went. The film has also released. You all know about it, the industry is not hidden, all news about how the industry is, keep coming.

Madaari, directed by Nishikant Kamat, releases on July 22.