Singer Abhijeet threatened journalist Rifat Jawaid of physical harm saying, “Saale, tumhare jaison ko log chauraahe pe peetenge.”

New Delhi(JKR): BJP MP, Varun Gandhi on Monday condemned singer Abheejit’s sexual assault against a female journalist describing his act as shameful.

Rifat ABP

He tweeted, ” Irrespective of political ideology, one needs to be mindful of a woman’s dignity. This sort of crass bullying is shameful.”

Rifat ABP

Gandhi’s tweet came just before the controversial singer, known for his extremist Hindutva leaning and crass language, hurled expletives on’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid on ABP News channel.

Among other things, Abhijeet threatened Rifat of physical harm saying, “Saale, tumhare jaison ko log chauraahe pe peetenge.”

On Varun Gandhi’s tweet, the singer said that he said they were anti Hindutva.

Rifat earned plenty of plaudits from online users for showing exemplary calm and grace in the face of what was widely perceived to be as utter filth.

Taz @xtahzy
BMKJ is no more a patriotic slogan. It’s what misogynists, murderers and hypocrites use to deflect, and even bully …
Taz @xtahzy
Kudos to @RifatJawaid for being so patient in the face of a volley of abuse and insinuation. Being called ‘Paki’ is a reality we live with.
4:38 PM – 4 Jul 2016
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कोमल 🙂 @Komal_Indian
Hats off to @RifatJawaid ! What level of patience & decency in front of an abuser whoz constantly addressing u as Pakistani on national TV !
4:25 PM – 4 Jul 2016
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कोमल 🙂 @Komal_Indian
Abhijeet to @RifatJawaid on ABP : ‘Saale, tumhare jaison ko log chauraahe pe peetenge’

This man has lost it completely !
Disgrace !
4:53 PM – 4 Jul 2016
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Abhijeet used expletives on ABP News during a live TV discussion involving him and Rifat. The singer, however,