Panama Papers: Why no investigation has been ordered yet?, Rahul Gandhi questions PM Modi

Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of making ‘big promises’ on bringing back black money and asked him to explain why he has not instituted a probe into the matter of the Chhattisgarh chief minister’s son’s name featuring in the ‘Panama Papers’.


“The Panama Papers have been leaked and many names have been mentioned about black money kept in Panama. It has also mentioned that Chhattisgarh chief minister’s son Abhishek Singh has account in Panama,” Gandhi said while addressing a Congress poll rally here for the second phase of Assam Assembly election on April 11.

“Modi makes big promises to you about bringing back black money kept abroad. He should have at least said why no investigation has been ordered into the featuring of the chief minister’s son name in them,” Gandhi said.

He said he had asked Modi in Parliament why former IPL chief Lalit Modi, who had escaped from the country, had not been brought back. “Modiji did not utter one word in response.”

“Before (Vijay) Mallya fled the country he met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Parliament House. Lalit Modi, who stole thousands of rupees, is also being kept outside the country,” he alleged.

Claiming that the Modi government was not taking action against black money hoarders, Gandhi said, “Recently Jaitley brought a new ‘Fair and Lovely scheme’ whereby any gangster, goon, drug dealer can make their black money white by just taking it to the government and paying minimal tax on it.” Modi, he said, only made false promises during Lok Sabha elections about bringing back black money. “None of the Indians have received the Rs 15 lakh of that money in their bank accounts as assured by Modi.”

The Panama Papers are leaked confidential documents on detailed information about off shore companies listed by a Panamanian corporate service provider showing how wealthy individuals, including public officials, conceal their money from public scrutiny.