Most ‘powerful passports’ revealed, guess where India ranks 59

A passport from a country like the United States (US) or Britain, can be very powerful, as it allows you to travel across the globe without needing a visa.

To be exact you can travel to 147 countries if your an American or a British citizen, according to financial firm Arton Capital, who has compiled a ranking of the world’s passports that shows which one is a traveller’s dream. India ranks 59; Indians can travel to 59 countries without needing a visa.

A passport from a country in good global standing is a powerful thing, allowing its holder to move across borders without dealing with the nightmarish bureaucracy of a visa application. Arton Capital says it “empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens”, by connecting clients to citizenship-purchasing programmes
The countries are ranked by the number of other countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or upon arrival. The countries whose citizens have the most travel freedom are developed countries. The lowest group includes South Sudan and the Palestinian Territories both who can only visit 28 countries.
Here’s the top 10 ranked by Passport Index:
1 The United Kingdom : 147 countries
2 The United States : 147 countries
3 South Korea: 145 countries
4 Germany: 145 countries
5 France: 145 countries
6 Italy: 144 countries
7 Sweden: 144 countries
8 Singapore: 143 countries
9 Japan: 143 countries
10 Finland: 143 countries