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Congress using Patel community for political gains: Hardik Patel

AHMEDABAD(PTI): Jailed Patel quota agitation leader Hardik Patel has written a letter to Gujarat Congress chief Bharatsinh Solanki alleging that his party was using the the community for its own political gains and if this continues, it won’t come to power for another 25 years. He also warned Solanki that his party would never get back to power in Gujarat, if it does not stop politics in the name of Patel community.

In the letter, written from Surat jail yesterday and made public by his lawyer today, Hardik wrote, “Congress won recent Panchayat polls (in Gujarat) due to our agitation only. I am writing this letter because I have learnt that your party is using Patel community as well as some of our agitation leaders. But, your party has done nothing concrete for us yet. We will not allow this approach of your party. I request you to stop the politics in the name of our community. Congress is out of power in Gujarat since the last 21 years. If this kind of politics does not stop, you will not come to power for another 25 years,” he said.
The quota agitation spearhead also asked Solanki not to be under impression that Patels do not have any other option than voting for Congress.

“You might be under the impression that since Patels are unhappy with BJP, we do not have any other choice than to vote for Congress. If you believe so, then it is your mistake. We will find a third option if needed,” Hardik’s letter said.

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