Top 10 Things To Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

[ad_1] Called as the ‘Rose of the North’, Chiang Mai is located 700km north of the capital city of Bangkok (BKK) and is considered as the second (2nd) largest city in Thailand. However, it only has 200,000 people compared to …

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10 Things to See and Do in Girona, Spain

[ad_1] Posted: 04/20/20 | April 20th, 2020 From lively Barcelona to island paradises like Mallorca and the Grand Canaries to the historic cities of Andalusia, Spain is awesome. It’s one of my favorite countries in the world and one of …

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How to Teach English in Japan

[ad_1] Posted: 4/18/20 | April 20th, 2020 Japan is one of the best places in the world to teach English. It’s home to incredible food, a rich culural history, high quality of living, and world-class cities like historic Kyoto and …

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