Kelly Brook Engaged To Boyfriend David McIntosh

Los Angeles, 23 March-2014 (IANS) : Kelly Brook and her beau David McIntosh are reportedly engaged! “It’s still a closely guarded secret and came to Kelly as a massive shock,” a friend of the 34-year-old English supermodel shared to the Sun.

Kelly Brook Engaged To Boyfriend David McIntosh

kelly brook david mcintosh

The source added, “But she is at that time in her life now where she wants to make a commitment and she has fallen head over heels for David. He has also had enough of being a bachelor and can’t believe he has landed someone like her.”

The two were photographed together on a night out in London last week, after Kelly chose to end their relationship earlier this year claiming David was too “fame hungry” when it emerged he had reportedly tipped off paparazzi to where they were going on holiday.

She was said to be “humiliated” by the split, prompting her management to worry whether this engagement is a good idea.

Another source said to The Sun: “Kelly’s management has expressed concern over her choices of men in the past. David is no exception. But Kelly won’t be told.”

David made headlines last week after crashing a van full of dead badgers into a bus stop. So you can see why Kelly would think he was marriage material…

Congrats to the happy couple if the news is true!