Nicki Minaj shows lap dance to Drake in her latest video

New York city: Rapper Nicki Minaj’s new video “Anaconda” is like something from one of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s dreams, as a chorus line of women endowed with large posteriors – led by Minaj, of course – flex their butts to her new single. Set in a steamy jungle setting, the song samples “Baby Got Back,” the elder rapper’s 1992 ode to titanic tush, and features some conspicuously suggestive bananas and even more conspicuous product placement.

Nicki Minaj shows lap dance to Drake in her latest video

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The only time a man makes an appearance is when Minaj gives Drake a twerky, jerky lap dance after laughing like a woman possessed. Strangely, amongst all of the video’s scenes of aerobic workouts and flexing flesh, the track’s titular python barely features in the clip.

The song may or may not appear on Minaj’s upcoming record, The Pink Print, but the rapper/singer has yet to announce a release date for the record. All she has offered so far is that the album would indeed come out sometime this year, a promise she made at the BET Awards, where she accepted the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist trophy earlier this year.

In addition to “Anaconda,” the rapper has released two other singles this year. The first was the diametric opposite of her current single, “Lookin’ Ass,” in which she both literally and figuratively shot down men who gawked at her in the song’s video. The second was another about-face, the ballad “Pills N Potions,” which features lyrics about not getting hung up on haters and came with a video that featured Minaj surrealistically beheading rapper the Game.