Facebook brings Messenger for Android beta testing program

New York City, 18 March(IANS): Social network giant Facebook has reportedly developed Facebook Messenger for Android beta program. The new adopted system will provide another beneficial utility to its users.

Facebook brings Messenger for Android beta testing program

Facebook at Mozcon - Alex
Facebook at Mozcon Android beta messenger – Alex (Photo credit: Thos003)

According to sources, the Messenger beta program will provide an early access to a prerelease version of Messenger to anyone who wants to help bug-test the messaging app.The beta program will act as a defense against problematic bugs that find its way in through the app.
According to Cnet, while the company has promised its Messenger testers multiple updates per week and access to experimental features, it hinted that its Messenger for Android guinea pigs might get to test new types of sharing.

According to Luiz Scheidegger, an engineer on the mobile infrastructure team wrote in a blog post that with the main Facebook application, the goals with this program were to expand Facebook’s pool of testers and gain feedback across a more diverse set of devices. [ Input source: INAS]

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