A futuristic approach on illegal immigrants with a Thriller Drama Borders

Borders should always be protected and be maintained so that the peace between the countries can be maintained. In this respect many states have been able to bring in protective measures and are able to secure their borders as well. one of such cases is the interesting story of the construction that was carried out 40 years ago.

This is the construction of the southern border wall of the United States region with Mexico. This wall holds a very extraordinary history that dates to many more years and hold a history of, illegal immigrants, drugs, and all sorts of weapons that are being deported cross border. there were always unique and sophisticated measures that are being deployed. there were measures also that are taken into place but the trade business always can find out new ways for the deployment of their business. The network also uses the underground network of tunnels in order to carry out the illegal trade business. Through these networks of tunnels there were all sorts of illegal trades carried out ranging from drugs, and all sorts of weapons to illegal immigrants to name a few.

Borders from Ernst Etienne on Vimeo.

The Authorities are now on the lookout of a new and permanent solutions to this as mere building of walls are not helping them to demarcate the areas and the process economy. The understood that they must do something constructive that can put a stop to this illegal affair of business trades. Keeping the merging tensions in view the U.S government started to brain storm to bring a better idea to stop the influx of the arms and illegal trade business. A plan so effective that it can put a complete stop to the problem and that can effectively stop 100% of immigrants from entering the country illegally. A solution so permanent that can even give a blocker to the illegal influx of people through the underground pathways.