Saregama launches digital campaign for elderly



Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 challenges, Saregama campaign highlights the importance of entertainment in the life of elderly persons.

The lockdown has impacted every individual in more ways than one, impacting the elderly the most. In times to come, life may become normal for most but for the elderly as there would still be restrictions on the movement outside their home. Their routine walks or visiting parks or meeting their group of family/ friends will be limited, causing a lot of physical and emotional disturbance. The latest campaign by Saregama focusses on this insight and launches its new digital film – Jo Abhi Bahar Nahi Ja Sakte Unke Liye Ghar Le Aaye – Saregama Carvaan.

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The campaign reflects on the nostalgic days of summer vacation and how parents always had a solution to lighten up our days lazed with boredom, be it in the form of a video game or any other entertainment, they have always made sure that there was a smile on our faces. Now, when they are stuck at home with almost no social life and very limited means of entertainment, this is a time for children to do something for their parents.

The campaign further touches upon the need for entertainment in the elderly’s lives and how powerful the music can be for them to sail through the current situation. It was ideated and created by Saregama’s team along with its agency partner The Womb.

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