Briefs Review: 5 of my Favorite Underwear Brands for Gay Men


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Underwear is one of those really simple, really straightforward items we’ve all got tucked away in a dresser drawer—a staple of everyday clothing (often even if just lounging at home in sweatpants). And yet, underwear is far from boring.

Sure, we all tend to have pairs from years before, ones we can’t bother to throw away despite how raggedy, discolored, or broken they might be. We maybe keep old pairs of underwear longer than we need to. Just in case, at some later apocalyptic date, I guess…

But here’s the thing. Buying new underwear—fresh pairs from original, independent brands—it’s one of the easiest, quickest ways to spice up a wardrobe. Something about a new pair of underwear and that new-underwear smell is so simply exciting, and maybe even exhilarating.

I get so much more joy from new underwear than I do from a new t-shirt or a new pair of jeans. Even if hardly anyone else is going to ever see the pair (but let’s not kid: I post plenty of underwear selfies on my Instagram).

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Our underwear should be comfortable just as much as it’s sexy. I know when I wear a sexy pair of briefs, maybe a jockstrap (even if alone at home), I feel so much sexier, empowered, and stronger. Even while sex, hookups, and physical dating are all on pause, dressing up in a cute outfit and sexy pair of briefs just makes me feel so much better about myself.

Here are some underwear brands I’ve recently been really into—all independent, queer underwear brands & designers. Last month I put out a call on Twitter for people’s favorite gay underwear brands, and some of these popped up on my radar. Instead of highlighting some of the mega-popular gay brands, I wanted to highlight more independent and unique styles and brands. Check out what I’ve been wearing below.

Gay & LGBTQ Underwear for Men

Dirt Squirrel

The Dirt Squirrel brand was started by two young homosexuals, Wade Hopwo & Daniel Lypchuk, during college. The underwear, like the brand name, is cute and quirky, which resembles the patterns and styles you’ll find on the Dirt Squirrel website.

Dirt Squirrel underwear is form-fitting and made from a premium bamboo fiber fabric that’s soft and silk-like which makes the briefs very comfortable. Even better, though: the fabric is eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, and helps to absorb sweat.

The Dirt Squirrel style is very playful and colorful with bright & bold designs, with several nature-themed patterns. And the underwear holds your nuts well—just like a dirt squirrel should.


BANG&STRIKE started its own underwear line in 2019 with a stripped back style and design. The briefs are very elegant and in simple, bold colors like white, desert, black, rifle green, and khaki.

It’s a really classic style underwear, but feels as if it’s done in a modern way. And it holds together really well with a form-fitting structure. The micro-modal men’s underwear is especially comfortable to the touch.

I’ve found the underwear to fit really well and enjoy the feeling of the fabric, too. They’d be the perfect kind of underwear to wear on a date night.


Operating for the past three years, BoiPKG (pronounced “boy package”) creates a range of fashion, from high-end, custom jackets and harnesses to gender-non-conforming clothes, specifically underwear. With a few different styles available, the underwear is a great addition to any wardrobe—for every gender, too.

Committed to supporting LGBTQ+ causes and nonprofits, 10% of BoiPKG sales are donated to a number of organizations, including the Black Trans Travel Fund.

Obviously Apparel

An Australian-designed premium men’s underwear brand, Obviously Apparel set out to create a well-designed pair of briefs with unique, perfectly fitting anatomical pouch.

A lot of gay men’s underwear brands, obviously, focus on the front pouch to accentuate the male body, and Obviously Apparel’s underwear do just that. I find the underwear to be both sexy and comfortable—that perfect mix of form, function, and beauty. The touch of the premium fabric feels great on the skin and the underwear is good for any use—especially home workouts.

Patrick Church

Brooklyn-based artist Patrick Church currently sells seven styles of underwear with prints taken directly from artwork. Seemingly popular with scene kids and drag queens, the prints are funky, fashionable, and unique.

With the really bright and colorful designs, they’re just the kind of underwear you want to wear to feel fine and show off. Custom and made-to-order clothes are also available from the artist/designer, as well as swimwear in equally fun designs for men & women.

Underwear should be a fun and flirty addition to every wardrobe. Don’t just stick to the boring basic briefs, but add more colorful, fun, and fashionable styles to your underwear drawer with these independent fashion designers. Supporting small businesses and independent creators isn’t just helpful to the LGBTQ community, it’s also a great way to add something special to your daily style.

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