Explain the working of a term insurance premium calculator

Premiums can be an inevitable part of a term insurance policy. A term plan can be a protection plan that can offer life coverage for the financial well-being of your loved ones. In return for the life coverage, you should pay the premiums regularly. While many of you might be comfortable with the premium payment amount, the rest of you might be unable to pay the premium on time due to loss of income, critical illness, physical disability, and so forth. Whether you can afford the timely premium payment or not, you should use the term insurance calculator to determine the amount prior to the purchase. Calculating the premium value beforehand can allow you to decide if you should buy term insurance or not.

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Before you buy term insurance plans, let’s understand what a term insurance calculator is in detail:

What is the term insurance calculator?

A term insurance calculator is an online tool that can help you determine the cost before purchasing a term plan. Under the term insurance calculator, you can find the most common two types mentioned below:

  1. Calculators with sum assured input:

With the sum assured input calculator, you can decide the sum assured value. Moreover, it can determine the estimated premium value based on your current age, as well as the selected sum assured amount.

  1. Calculators with income input

Under calculators with income input, you should submit your annual income range and generate a sum assured amount before you derive the premium value.

Apart from premium determination, a term insurance calculator can also allow you to compare different policies. When you compare on a term insurance calculator, you can identify the difference between the premium, features, and benefits of every policy. Since a term insurance calculator can provide you with an estimate, it should be an essential aspect before you finalize a term policy for you and your family.

Since the premium calculation can play a significant role, you should understand the various aspects that determine it:

  • Premium payment frequency:

The insurance company can allow you to pay the premium quarterly, monthly, half-yearly, and annually based on your convenience.

  • Smoking or drug consumption:

Smoking habits can have a larger impact on your term coverage. Since you put your life at stake by consuming cigarettes, your insurer might charge you with a relatively high premium.

  • Age:

Purchasing a term policy at a young age can ensure you get to pay a minimal premium rate due to lesser health conditions.

  • Riders:

Riders are the additional covers that can be purchased on the top of your base term policy. Although riders can be beneficial, you shouldn’t purchase excessive riders. The higher the riders, the higher the premium value.

A term insurance calculator can be a simple tool to use. Due to its simple working process, you can operate it easily without being tech-savvy. The whole process to determine the premium value can be followed in three simple steps. Let’s go through the three most crucial steps for the calculation of the premium amount:

Step 1: Submit your personal details, such as date of birth (DOB), gender, number of children, smoking habits, and so on.

Step 2: Mention your coverage as well as annual income amount. Moreover, select the relevant riders based on your needs and preferences.

Step 3: Consider the multiple premium estimates offered on the term insurance calculator, which can be as follows-

  • Premium payment mode
  • Claim settlement mode

The major advantage of a term insurance calculator can be its easy accessibility. Besides, there are many benefits offered under the term insurance calculator, which you might not be aware of. Therefore, let’s study the advantages mentioned below:

  • Time-saving

Since a term insurance calculator is an online tool, you can easily save time by submitting the relevant details in one go.

  • Affordable

Many insurers can provide you with discounts if you buy an online term insurance. Hence, use a term insurance calculator to identify the premium rate. Purchasing a term policy online can allow you to save money.

In a nutshell, online term insurance calculators can be available on your insurer’s website, which can be accurate. If you use third-party aggregators for the calculation, it might consist of some discrepancies or errors. Hence, it can be the right choice to depend on your insurer’s official website for error-free calculations.