Amazon is opening a new pop-up store in Seattle themed 'Everything Sleep' that sells its own private-label bedding products (AMZN)


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  • Amazon’s new pop-up store in Seattle will have a bedding theme and sell AmazonBasics products.
  • It’s already decorated the new store’s windows with the catchphrase “Everything Sleep. From A to Zzz,” but it’s unclear when exactly it will open.
  • The bedding theme is already used in five of its other pop-up stores, which will have different themes throughout the year.
  • Amazon shuttered nearly 90 of its pop-up stores last year that showcased its hardware products, and shifted to a theme-based strategy.
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Amazon is close to opening a new bedding-themed pop-up store in Seattle that sells its own private label products.

The store, located close to Amazon’s headquarters in downtown Seattle, will have an “Everything Sleep” theme that sells bedding products by the AmazonBasics brand, according to a photo of the store seen by Business Insider. It’s unclear when exactly the store will open. Geekwire previously reported the location of the new pop-up store in Seattle.

The bedding theme isn’t entirely new, as Amazon is already using it in its five other pop-up stores across the country, according to its website. The Seattle store has the same “Everything Sleep. From A to Zzz” catchphrase on its window, the photo shows. 

That tagline may be a reference to Amazon’s famous “smile” logo, which shows an arrow going from the A in the company’s name to the Z — and a possible nod at CEO Jeff Bezos’s well known ambition for Amazon to be the “Everything Store.”

The new store is the latest in Amazon’s brick and mortar retail strategy. Just last week, Amazon launched Go Grocery stores, a larger version of its Go cashierless stores with more selection, like fresh produce. It also runs different types of physical stores, including Whole Foods and bookstores. 

Amazon’s pop-up store strategy took a turn last year, when it closed all 87 of its pop-up stores, mostly in malls, that showcased its hardware devices. Instead, the company said it would launch theme-based pop-up stores. 

The website for Amazon’s pop-up stores says visitors can “feel, touch, and see AmazonBasics bedding in person before buying online.” It says the pop-ups are meant to be a “physical extension of” that offers a “try-before-you-buy” experience. The store themes constantly change throughout the year, it says.

It’s worth noting that Amazon is dedicating the whole pop-up store to its own private label products this time, unlike previous stores that mostly had themes of specific products like a camera or brands like the Food Channel. Amazon came under fire recently for the way it promoted private label products on its site, often giving it prime placements over competing products. Amazon sells a variety of bedding products under the AmazonBasics brand, including its own mattresses, sheets, and pet beds.

In an email to Business Insider, an Amazon representative confirmed the planned launch of a new Seattle pop-up store. The representative said previous pop-up store themes include Barbie’s 60th anniversary, Marvel’s Avengers, and Disney’s holiday toy list. It once featured Amazon’s private label brands in the fashion category too, the person said.

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