This $3.3 million yacht is powered by solar panels that allow it to cruise around forever without refueling — see inside


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  • Serenity Yachts just released two models for solar-powered yachts.
  • The boats were unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show in February. 
  • The Serenity 64 costs $3.3 million, and the Serenity 74, which is in production, will cost $5.5 million.
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Nearly everything is getting a sustainable makeover, even luxury yachts, apparently. Grand Cayman-based Serenity Yachts just showed off two of their new designs for solar-powered yachts at the Miami International Boat show.

The Serenity 64 and Serenity 74 will go for $3.3 million and $5.5 million, respectively. So far, two of the 64 have been produced, while the 74 is still in production. The yachts are designed to maximize efficiency while maintaining a smooth ride, according to Serenity.

Look at the Serenity 64 here. 

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Serenity Yachts unveiled two solar-powered luxury yachts at the Miami International Boat Show earlier in February.

The company has two of the Serenity 64 model, which it showed off in the water at the show.

The yacht is equipped with 65 square meters of solar panels.

They provide enough power for the yacht to cruise indefinitely at between four and six knots…

…while still powering all the amenities.

The Serenity 64 has electric and hybrid motors.

It has a cruising speed of five to six knots using electric power, or up to 16 knots using diesel.

The 64-foot boat can come in several different layouts.

Now, let’s take a look inside.

This model has a combined galley and saloon on the main deck.

The cockpit table can fit six to ten people, with two more sofas that seat an extra eight people.

The lounge area in the saloon has a dining table that seats eight.

Furniture is made from wood veneers over a honeycomb interior.

As one potential interior option, the yacht can be built with an extra-large master cabin that spans the full hull.

In that configuration, there would also be two VIP cabins, each with their own bathroom, and one crew cabin.

Alternatively, the yacht could have four VIP cabins with en-suite bathrooms, plus a crew cabin.

Bathrooms each contain a sink, electric toilet, and separate shower.

The master bathroom is larger than the others.

It has a larger, king-sized shower, and an optional Jacuzzi.

All bathrooms have stone countertops and access to hot water, plus a rainfall shower.

Each bedroom has at least a double bed.

Cabins can also have additional storage under the bed and built into lockers.

Or, they can have extra lounge seating.

Each room also has a desk, plus additional floor storage.

The master even has a walk-in closet.

A large storage area is available as an alternative for the crew cabin.

The pantry includes a kitchen with cabinets for storage, a sink, and a cooktop.

The flybridge holds the engine controls and control panel.

The other controls are at the helm.

It’s located on the upper level of the yacht.

It has three lounge seats, plus a sofa that transforms into a sunbed.

In case of bad weather, the retractable roof can close over the deck.

The upper deck can also be a great place to catch a sunset.

Right now, Serenity has two 64 models in the water, and the 74 model is in production.