How to mark all emails as read on your iPhone in 4 steps


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  • You can mark all emails as read on your iPhone in a few simple steps. 
  • You’ll want to use the “Select All” function in your iPhone’s Mail app to highlight all your emails, and then simply press “Mark as Read” to wipe your slate of unread emails. 
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The average email inbox is inundated with clutter. 

For many of us, inboxes are so overstuffed with junk that we hardly have the time to open — much less unsubscribe to — all of the extraneous dispatches. 

But rather than wade through the weeds of unopened emails, you can swiftly mark them all as read, wiping the slate clean of unread emails. 

Here are four simple steps to mark read for all your emails on your iPhone:

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How to mark all emails as read on an iPhone

1. Open your iPhone’s Mail app.

2. Tap “Edit” in the top right corner. 


3. “Select All” will appear in the top left where the word “Mailboxes” previously was. Tap it.


4. Tap “Mark” in the bottom left, then “Mark as Read.”


You’re all set — although depending on how extensively your inbox needs to be pruned, you may have to do some more legwork to mark older emails as read.

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